The Illusion is Complete

People have sometimes asked my what my beliefs are, so I thought I'd write a few lines just to cover that area. Naturally, this is just my little view of the meaning of life.

Before I start, the first thing I'd like to ask you is, "How big do you think is a singularity?"

To answer that question, Bill Bryson first explains the size of a proton, one of the particles making up the nucleus of an atom.

In his book "A Short History of Nearly Everything", he tells us that approximately 500 billion protons can fit into the full-stop at the end of this sentence.

A singularity is much, much smaller than a proton. In fact, it is infinitely smaller. It is a very, very, very small "thing", with no dimensions. For all intents and purposes, it is a theoretical point that does not exist.

On the other hand, our universe is larger than our minds can imagine. It dwarfs our solar system to insignificance. If you had to drive to Pluto on a highway at 100 miles per hour, it would take you about 60 lifetimes and you would "use up" over 200 new automobiles just to get there. But if you had shrink the universe to fit in between yourself and the Moon, Pluto would be about the size of a proton positioned less than a millimeter from your fingertip. And in the time it takes you to read this sentence, the universe has expanded an additional million miles in all directions.

Light takes just over two seconds to reach the Moon, yet has to travel for millions of years just to reach some of the galaxies we can see with radio telescopes.

So, from our perspective, the universe is a very, very, very large place.

According to the Big Bang theory, all the "dark" matter and energy making up the universe, as well as our "star" (the Sun), the Earth, Moon, all our planets, all the approximately 150 billion stars in our Milky Way galaxy, all their associated planets, as well as all the other approximately 150 billion galaxies, each containing an average of 150 billion stars (with probably most having their own orbiting planets), all originated from the matter compressed into a singularity.

So, if you ask me what I believe, all I can offer is "It's all an illusion. The illusion is totally convincing. The illusion is complete". We are all mostly space, anyway. The "solid" matter in an atom (the nucleus) is only as big as a pea on a football field. Gamma rays, neutrinos and other particles are possibly travelling right through your body as you read this. The atom is made up of 99.99999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999 (99.9 to the 47th%) space. If I were to offer you a tub of ice-cream with this much space in it, you would say, "but there is nothing there!". Well, I am sorry to be the one to tell you this, but you would be quite right. We do not exist materially, other than as bodies of structured energy fields, unless you would like to try and work out what fraction of a singularity you are made up of. We are all just illusions, and the whole universe is an illusion, however real it may appear to us. (Update 2019: Glad to see that some scientists agree with this view).

I believe that this whole illusion was created with the purpose of individuation, self-awareness, expression and growth. I believe that the creative force behind the universe also has a purpose, it is not just some bored entity waiting for us to get our act together. I believe that we are all intrinsically part of that creative force, and that the purpose of all existence and dimensional manifestation is for that creative force to elevate itself. By this, I mean to separate the wheat from the chaff, to lessen the lower octaves and increase the higher octaves. In turn, we all take on as much as we can endure for a single lifetime, and our struggle is to constantly engage in the fight between our lower and higher selves. The planetary energies have been set up in such a way to inspire and guide us, but also to tempt and confuse us. We are not permitted to know the truth behind it, since that would defeat the purpose (if we knew for sure that there was a God it would give us an artificial learning experience). We are allowed brief periods of respite, rest, even bliss, but our main learning is done through Saturn, through turmoil, strife, loss, limitation and hardship. That is what teaches us most, that is what endures. The touch of love and pleasure we experience in our lives is but a glimpse of the goal.

In that light, all I can say is that I believe we are carefully and closely monitored. Our every thought, action and intention forms an indelible part of our learning curve. I don't believe that everything is necessarily set up around the pleasure principle, that if we are good, we will necessarily receive pleasure or comfort immediately in return, or even ever on the physical plane. An example might be an advanced soul being born to have only a life of incredible suffering. Some of the greatest souls born into the world lived almost tormented lives of lack, suffering and rejection. Perhaps the more the soul can endure, the more the soul undertakes to endure. Each life is precious, each lifting its tiny part of the whole.

I feel that if we believe in reincarnation, we probably didn't originate as an underdeveloped human soul. We probably don't just start off with such an excruciatingly complicated life as a human. We possibly evolved gradually from a very simple "spark" of life, a form of life that can only feel pleasure or pain, such as an amoeba, or perhaps even smaller, on the boundary between mere chemicals and "life", such as a virus, and gradually evolved up the chain of complexity.

So, my belief, summed up, is that we are all part of the whole, we are all struggling to lift the whole. That is our purpose and we all merge finally with the whole.

Everyone has and is entitled to their own belief, mine is hardly worth the electricity required for you to read it. But I really believe that the universe is a set-up. Life is rigged. Nothing happens by chance. Everything is engineered. There are "flaws" everywhere, chinks in the armour, like synchronicity, serendipity, preconception and precognition that reveal a massive, grand scheme behind it all. I've personally had a vivid precognitive experience that later proved to be 100 percent accurate and definitely came from either an unconscious or external source.

Whenever we decide to do something good (or bad), the universe will usually first test our commitment. If we persevere for long enough, it will respond by presenting to us unexpected opportunities (or mishaps) that we probably never would have thought of when we first began in that particular direction.

If we harm something or someone unintentionally, at a later stage the universe will gently teach us what we did wrong. If we harm something or someone intentionally, the universe will soon inflict an equal or even greater measure of pain on us, also for the purpose of learning.

Likewise, if we are generally kind and try to do good, the universe will, in many different ways, be kind to us at some point in the future.

Like usually attracts like. We will "meet ourselves in many disguises" during our lives.

In short, I believe in the all-powerful creative force we call God. I believe that God knows everything we say, do and think and the reason God knows each and every one of us in such detail is because all life forms contain part of the essence of God. Part of us is part of God and God is part of us.

I have strong reason to believe in this for the following simple reason that would probably prove to be true if scrutinized: If you study the birthcharts of babies born into wealthy families, you will invariably see the wealth-promising aspects between the natal planets. After drawing up and analyzing thousands of birthcharts, I am pretty sure of this bias.

If you can become convinced of this fact then the rest is easy. If it is true that birthcharts are "set up" because certain necessary material conditions must be met (it is hard to be a "poor" baby in a wealthy family), then it follows that there is a knowing intelligence in this design. Conditions and effects are known before the birth occurs. It follows that any intelligence that manipulates such variables can only be super-intelligent. Supra-dimensional wisdom spanning time, everything meticulously planned. God is a good name for such a mind-blowing phenomenon, and its implications. So, hang in there. Keep trying. It's all taken care of.

Update Feb 2017:
I wrote the above article about 15 years ago. During this time I have studied many such cases and become absolutely convinced of this very real phenomenon. If somebody is born into a very wealthy family, wealth will invariably show strongly in the birth chart. Birth dates and times are generally set up to satisfy the material conditions into which they are born. There is strong evidence of a mechanism of careful planning taking place. I know this is something many believe in already, but to me it is actual proof of a higher power or intelligence involving itself in our lives. It strongly indicates the existence of God.

To me, knowing that individuation takes place is an important distinction and step forward. The possibility does exist that the universe is the result of an all-pervading life force that seeks to manifest itself in any way possible, in every variation of life that can evolve. In other words, a collective expression of life, with no individuation: the prime object being that the creative force is simply experiencing itself, becoming self-aware by way of material manifestation - a complete record and experience of every moment of its own existence. But observing the care with which a birth chart is set up to meet physical and environmental constraints is a convincing indication that this life force individuates into what we refer to as the soul.

With such meticulous planning taking place before we are born, with life being a structured allocation and not randomly assigned, it is probable that we return to a similar overseen environment when our lives are over. We go home.



Come, come, whoever you are.
Wanderer, worshiper, lover of leaving.
It doesn't matter.
Ours is not a caravan of despair.
Come, even if you have broken your vow
a thousand times.
Come, yet again, come, come.   (Rumi)


Relative sizes of our planets, the Sun and some stars: