Neptune the Deceiver, Neptune the Spiritual Link

Neptune is often referred to as both "the deceiver" on the lower octave and the "spiritual enlightener" or "compassion giver" when acting at its elevated levels . I think this is the most underrated planet of all.

When we look at it in a birthchart, we kind of come up with things like the person has an enhanced sensitivity to the arts if it is good, to things like they are a downright liar and deceiver if it afflicts their Mercury, for example, or in the case of it squaring their mars they take deception a step further and perform acts on occasion that are subversive or malicious.

A common influence of Neptune is to induce feelings that swing from delusions of grandeur to those of utmost self-worthlessness, self-loathing and despair. Neptune on the MC means, you will either have unrealistic career expectations, or no career expectations at all. As you might know, Neptune brings disatisfaction to the house in which it resides. Mine is in my 5th house of love affairs. My last relationship of 14 years to a Virgo ended exactly as my Solar Arc Neptune hit my Venus. I even phoned my fiance who was on business in a central African country at the time and told her jokingly that the stars said that either she or I was going to have an affair. Little did I know that she was enjoying a week's break from work in a hotel in a coastal hotel with her now partner. But, Neptune has hit us all we all have a story to tell.

Luckily we can blame Neptune!

Pisces, I trine your sign and many of the main players in my life are Pisces, but your ruler really freaks me out. Pisces have Neptune acting out in all twelve roles. One day the active Aries sportsperson, the next ruthlessly seeking and attaining above average amounts of money, the next, flourishing as a Gemini hub in a considerable network of people. They are the switchboards, their phones are crammed with numbers. Next, they put up pretty fairies and stars and rainbows in their bedrooms and homes. Then, like true Leos, they take charge and don't take anybody's offal. Sometimes, Libra-like, they put on pretty clothes and enchant others like a princess. And so on, through the signs, all reflecting different aspects of Neptune.

To me, the age of Pisces played out exactly as Neptune does. It caused far-reaching deception and confusion on the lower octave whilst simultaneously entrenching itself with its upper octave by way of religion and spirituality. It necessarily and in true course heralded events that would indeed, exist for the entire 2000-year period of the cycle, the Age of Pisces. And what event occurred of such major proportion, approximately 2000 years ago?

Correct. A situation would be set up whereby the main two effects of Neptune, those of deception and spirituality, would manifest with global consequences. Like magnets, at the correct alignment a certain soul chose to undertake a life that would change the world, probably forever. A simple fib, a woman gets pregnant somehow and for some reason explains to her partner that she simply does not know how she fell pregnant. Being from a heritage that presented cases of "seven demons being cast from one of her aunts" and a blood-relative John the Baptist, picture it, living in the wilds eating locusts and honey, casting sermons about the coming of someone great. That someone just so happened to be a relative of his. So he went on and fulfilled his destiny of blossoming in the area of a single house where such a concentrated natal promise (constellium in one house, probably) could only but explode upon the masses, who are pretty much looking for something, especially hard, in their darkest hours, any way.

Having said that, I would like to add that I hold Jesus in my heart and his teachings have given me much comfort and a sense of direction in my life. I would have liked him as a person.

So, a young Pisces boy, with an incredibly configured birthchart, gets born. Pisces are already and essentially one big ball of emotion. It must have been very hard to come to terms with having no earthly father, as it were, and brought on much soul-searching and maturity at a young age.

Water is said to be the most powerful force of the elements. This energy is often well controlled in the advanced sign of Pisces, but still exists in all of them, from the active, sporty, ball-oriented Pisces males who escape into the world of sport, through to the women who spend at least half of their mind hours drifting though a world of dreams and sheer genius ideas, or the ones that were mapped to traverse the often-nether world of the arts in one way or another.

They say if you kill somebody under Pluto, you will always be discovered, but if you kill someone under the aspects of Neptune, you will never be discovered or the truth will never really be known.

I once tried to give a private investigator some insight into narrowing down the suspects in the one-member-in-the-family-did-it murder of a 4-year old girl on our South Coast. I thought it would be a breeze. I'm not speaking over my level now, but give me a list of 10 random people of which one committed such a serious thing as murder, and just by looking at their birtchart potentials, their progressions, solar arcs and transits, I guarantee I will point out the person to an order of 90% accuracy or more.

People have tested me before on this claim. My computer manager at one of my jobs gave me a list of just birthdates and asked me a general question exactly worded at the bottom, "which was the lotto winner". Within 15 minutes I had picked out one, and asked him for the weekend to check. That weekend I found another who looked like they had won something huge. On the Monday I told him about the second person I had found and he laughed and told me that he had tried to trick me by putting in the birthdates of TWO lotto winners. I can give you his phone number if you ask for it, he is now in a high up position in a corporation computer section.

Well, the short of it was that I came up with 3 people and could not shorten the list. I cannot reveal what I came up with since this case has just tapered off into nothingness, but suddenly I felt real pressure to come up with the murderer and found that I could not. This, to me, was a Neptune murder in operation. So many facets, so much confusion, so many distortions and probably a good measure of lies thrown in somewhere.

But still it had to manifest as Neptune manifests, undecipherable. Like when that EgyptAir aircraft crashed a in the 90's. Simple now, but then, note: the daily chart revealed a heavy Neptune configuration. Nobody would and ever will fully know. In the murder case at hand, each, believe it or not, and every person involved in the case to within about an 8-person radius, including even the maid, who doted on the child, had a major set of transits or progressions or both all going off at the same time. With only one murderer chart and 7 geniunely shocked and suddenly traumatised close family members, it became pretty much impossible to home in on one more than the other two short-listed ones. I did not have the skill level as an astrologer to be able to separate a traumatic shock from the act of murdering someone.

This earth plane is hard and we learn most from our karmically-near partners and we all have to escape into something, somehow, just to sheild us a bit from the hard edge of NOW. Yesterday, we can deal with, and tomorrow, we can somehow and have-to-anyway deal with, but it is the NOW of life that hurts, and we all have developed callouses somewhere to help us deal with it, in a word, escapism. It helps us cope.

Luckily we have Neptune!




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