StarLove as a Web Service

Please click here to run a webservice .csv input file sample

This service can be used by dating websites to short-list their lists of scientifically derived compatibility matches.
This version reads an input file with the first person's name and birth date, followed by comma delimited names and birth dates of possible matching partners.
It returns the Basic (natal chart synastry) as well as Current (progressed to natal chart) compatibility of the candidate matches.
(Current compatibility is more important for short term date matches but ultimately a combination of both will make up the algorithm)
Future versions will be able to accept an additional input parameter to enable focus on the type of compatibility to be determined, e.g. love, physical, intellectual etc. (if required)
It will therefore have the power to shortlist people with a specific interest in mind, for example, a person may say, "I'm just looking for potential partners I can intellectually identify with", or, "I'm just looking for a potentially strong physical relationship right now". This software can determine these types of compatibilities with a high degree of accuracy.
If you are interested in using this service for your website please refer back to this page in the future to see the progress.
This service can also drive mobile apps that display compatibility, either in the app or linked via Bluetooth to a LED display badge.
In other words if you meet someone, for example at a club, you will be able to know instantly how compatible you are with them, green/orange/red indicator.
This is accurate information: no more wasting time with people you are simply not going to get on with, short or long term.

The webservice will run the compatibility calculating code demonstrated by the input form below:

Starlove Love Calculator
 Birth chart Compatibility for Lovers & Friends

Your compatibility is calculated by comparing the aspects between the planets in each of your birth charts.
When you run the report, you will see two graphs. The graph on the left is your basic birth chart compatibility, and the one on the right is your current compatibility. Current compatibility is calculated using your "progressed" birth charts. For more info on progressions please click the link below.