Where is the Birth Chart Stored?

Where is the astrological birthchart of an individual stored?

I've asked several astrologers this question and received as many different answers.

Some say it is stored in the DNA, others the 4th dimension, others the aura, and so on.

What do you think?

I don't know either, but I can tell you it is not stored anywhere in the body, for the following reason.

I once was asked to determine whether a certain father had sexually abused a child of his. Regressional hypnosis had convinced the psychiatrist concerned that this had taken place around age 6. The rest of the child's family could not believe that this was true.

The father had a Sun-Pluto square in his birthchart, three degrees off exact. He died at age 74.

I noticed that the inquiry had taken place exactly 13 years after the death of the father. Had he lived longer, he would have been 87 years old. In other words, his solar-arc Sun conjuncted his natal Pluto 87 years after his birthdate.


No. I looked deeper into progressions after death and found that they held true. One of the best examples I came up with was that of Charles Darwin. His birthchart aspects to Uranus played a big role in the fame (and infamy) he attracted in his later years. However, I noticed that 180 years after his death, mainly due to retrogradation of planets in his progressed chart, his fame peaked again, posthumously.

In other words, your birthchart, it seems, continues progressing after your death. Long after your body has turned to dust and vanished. So, it is not stored in the body.

I ran into this obstacle when I investigated the charts of several people who had had near-death experiences. Most of the ones I did had been dead for a few minutes up to about half an hour.

I wanted to see if they still responded to transits to their original birthcharts, or whether they had somehow gained a new birthchart by "dying" and were now living that one out. If this is possible, just think of the possiblities of being able to choose a new life attracting wealth, fame, great love or whatever the brave person desires. It would also take a top-notch astrologer to get everything right: the houses, MC, Ascendant, Part of Fortune and Fixed Star aspect, as well as being mindful of future progressions and solar arcs to work in the individual's favor. Quite a task and a responsibility!

None of the people I checked out responded to their new birthcharts. They all went on, married, had times of good fortune, times of misfortune, and died in accordance with their original birthcharts.

The reason I undertook this excercise is because I wanted to know if it was possible to set up a new, almost "perfect" life for a person, according to the attributes they would like to have the second time around, by killing them and then bringing them back to life.

I was not able to get the birth details of anyone who fully passed my criteria for being dead. Stone, cold, EEG flatlining for an hour dead. I am fairly sure that if the birth and life details of such a person can be found, it will be shown that, even after being totally and completely dead for a considerable period of time, they still went on and lived the remainder of their lives responding to transits and progressions to their original birthcharts.

In short, it seems that it seems that the birthchart is not stored anywhere in the body.

So, where is it stored, that it keeps responding with such breathtaking mathematical precision?

Any ideas, and why? Please share your idea with me at adrianfourie -at- gmail.com.




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