Countries in which Gambling is Legal



1. Liechtenstein -- only allows lotteries controlled by the national government
2. Gibraltar
3. Australia
4. Antigua and Barbuda
5. United Kingdom
6. Costa Rica
7. Luxembourg
8. Sweden
9. Estonia
10. Ireland
11. Russia
12. Macau
13. Singapore (does not have any current laws against it except in a public place)
14. Philippines
15. Italy
16. Austria
17. Belgium
18. Czech Republic
19. Denmark
20. Finland -- must be a Finnish resident with a Finnish bank account to play
21. Germany
22. Hungary
23. Ireland
24. Latvia
25. Lithuania
26. Malta
27. Poland
28. Slovakia
29. Slovenia
30. Spain
31. France - does not allow companies within its borders, but its citizens can gamble on online websites
32. Switzerland
33. Belize
34. Kalmykia
35. Panama
36. Comoros
37. Aland Islands
38. Swaziland
39. Seychelles
40. St. Kitts and Nevis
41. Venezuela
42. Mauritius
43. Kahnawake (Indian territory in Quebec)
44. Netherlands Antilles
45. Northern Territory (Australia)
46. Isle of Man
47. Alderney
48. Vanuatu
49. Dominica
50. Dominican Republic
51. Norfolk Island
52. South Africa (only certain websites, not BetFair)
53. Australian Capital Territory
54. Grand River Mohock Lands (Indian territory in Canada)
55. Jamaica
56. Tanzania
57. New South Wales (Australia)
58. Queensland (Australia)
59. Tasmania (Australia)
60. Victoria (Australia)
61. Western Australia (Australia)
62. Hutt River Province Principality
63. Maharashta (India)
64. Nepal
65. North Korea
66. Solomon Islands
67. South Korea
68. Taiwan
69. Vietnam
70. Grenada
71. St. Vincent
72. US Virgin Islands
73. Colombia
74. Iceland
75. Jersey
76. Monaco
77. Norway
78. Sark
79. Serbia
80. Israel
81. Argentina
82. Brazil
83. Chile
84. Myanmar
85. Aruba



1. United States
2. China
3. Hong Kong
4. Cyprus
5. Greece
6. The Netherlands
7. Portugal
8. New Zealand
9. The Bahamas
10. South Korea
11. Indonesia
12. Saudi Arabia
13. Pakistan
14. Iran
15. Afghanistan
16. Turkey
17. Thailand
18. Libya
19. Sudan
20. Nigeria
21. Algeria
22. Japan
23. Taiwan
24. Dubai
25. Vietnam
26. Bahrain
27. Brunei
28. Jordan

Norway and Israel have been thinking of instituting a ban, and Australia has banned future companies from forming or locating there and their residents from gambling. Some companies locate there under provincial rules; however, they can't market to Australian residents.

Of the above countries, mainland China and Cyprus are rethinking their laws and are contemplating changing them so as to make gambling legal.

In Canada, it is illegal to set up a site but individual users' laws are left to the provinces. Some provinces and tribes have become places for online gambling websites to locate themselves, as you can see in places such as the Kahnawake tribe in the above listing.

In France, online companies cannot be located in the country, but French people are allowed to bet on sites.

Note: "Sharia" law from the Koran states that gambling is unacceptable. Muslim countries that practice sharia law as part of their government, therefore, do not allow gambling of any circumstances. These countries are included above. Turkey is officially a secular government but has taken actions against gamblers; however, if they join the European Union, they may have to loosen these laws a bit. In any case, they are certainly not as strict as many other Islamic nations are.

Overall, there are many different levels of legality involved with these countries-- some outlaw sites while allowing users to gamble, while some encourage sites but outlaw gamblers. The laws are often contradictory and sometimes don't make sense. Many times, it's simply a legal gray area where there is no direct legislation. In most countries, it is not that it is outlawed; it's simply that there are no rules to govern it.

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