Knowing HOW to kiss means knowing WHEN to kiss!

The "Love Days" report displays your and your partner's love-oriented transits.
Only the good aspects are shown for each day, since, no matter what, good transits tend to manifest themselves and you will invariably feel their effects.

Love aspects are shown in pink, intellectual and communicative aspects in blue, and potentially hot, passionate days are shown in red. The other good aspects are also shown and you should take them into account, but they are not highlighted.

You can use the report to either look back to see what was happening on beautiful or memorable days in your past, or to look into the future to find the best days to date someone new or to plan for a special day to spend with your existing lover or friend. If you are single, the report indicates your best days for love.
You only need to know the person's birthdate, the report will still be accurate enough for use since the planets move relatively small distances each day.

Click here to run your free Love Days Report
(You may run one report into the future and as many past reports as you wish)
PS: The days marked in Pink are the best days for kissing!

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