Planetary Influences on Marriage Dates -
Statistical Bias indicating planetary influences on humans.

Progressed Planets Progressed planet influences work on a 'day for a year' basis from the day of your birth. A planet forming an aspect to your birth chart during the early days of your life influences you in the same manner when you are the same number of years old. For example, if the planet Venus forms a conjunction with your Sun when you are 30 days old, you can expect the same beneficial influence (a period of major love, marriage or birthing) when you are 30 years old. The closer the aspect is to 'exact' the stronger the influence, especially during the months or years when it is still approaching the exact aspect. This analysis currently uses a default orb of up to 5 degrees when calculating the progressed aspects. The default aspects analyzed are the conjunctions between the natal and progressed Sun and Venus positions. This bias is also prevalent with sextiles, and probably solar arcs (I will test those soon). Trines (120 degrees) are too wide to process. It works with a tighter orb too but it has been left fairly wide since it indicates a reasonable period around the marriage date when one can assume the person's love nature is enhanced, and often the exact marriage date does not correspond to the exact peak of the aspect. The 24733 marriage records used in this analysis are from a Mexican marriage registry.

You'll need a laptop to run the examples. They do run on a phone but take a long time due to the large output.
The data files contain both marriage partner birth dates (partner 1 and partner 2).

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