Zodiac Sun-sign Compatibility

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Aries Taurus Gemini Cancer Leo Virgo Libra Scorpio Sagittarius Capricorn Aquarius Pisces
Aries Fiery Very Erotic Light-hearted Many differences Intense Hot and cold Very ardent Very passionate Adventurous Lots of passion Intriguing Difficult
Taurus Passionate Well-suited Not a success Caring & sharing Extremely loving Lots in common Similar tastes Quite magnetic Very rocky Terrific Very strong Charming
Gemini Promising A difficult combination Could be fickle Avoid Good fun Erratic Absolutely wonderful Off key Fun loving Little in common Good friends Traumatic
Cancer Poor match A cosy atmosphere At odds A dreamy affair Emotionally straining Stimulating company Heavy going Emotional closeness Troublesome A caring couple Upsetting Highly charged
Leo Memorable Truly emotional Full of laughter Loving A battle of wills A difficult match Great fun A clash of egos Very powerful Mutual support Can be difficult Sparks fly
Virgo Poles apart Steady and enjoyable Quite unusual Problematic Divided options Can be boring Hard going Truly passionate Different needs In tune Troubled waters Heavenly while it lasts
Libra Attraction but difficult Very sensual Sublime Hard work Invigorating Discordant Too indecisive Emotionally rewarding Good but flighty Too many arguments Marvellous match Quite rewarding
Scorpio Long lasting Rewarding relationship volatile Extremely good Powerful attraction Natural affinity Initial intrigue Explosive Can be strained Entrancing Up and down Absolutely superb
Sagittarius Wonderfully romantic Some confrontation Hot and cold Too distant Truly passionate Must keep it light Sheer enjoyment Too different Filled with excitement Conflicts Affinity but heated Initial attraction
Capricorn Inclined to argue Good prospects Hard work Good if respectful Very different Can be strong Not very good Very strong Unsuitable Long lasting Tremendous Sensual but erratic
Aquarius Very lively Too stubborn Intellectually good Too hurtful Most entertaining Not harmonious Superlative Many conflicts Requires effort Can be tricky Truly amazing Quite difficult
Pisces Needs dedication An excellent match Needs insight Quite entrancing A romantic couple Quite supportive Fairytale romance Tantalyzing and fun Too many problems Very passionate Take care Fairly good


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