Astrology of Anders Tegnell (posted April 2020)

Anders Tegnell, Sweden's chief epidemiologist, born 17 April 1956. Sun opposite Neptune. I'll let you reflect on that natal promise.

Here's what Sepharial wrote a hundred years ago about his natal Sun degree :

SUN: 27 of Aries: This degree tends also to bestow great promise with little adaptability. The native is likely to squander all that is bestowed upon him, and since it did not come by his own efforts he is helpless to regain his lost fortune. There is an indication that he will be involved with opposing forces, and thereby develop qualities resulting from teamwork. Generally, his path is too straight and narrow and not sufficiently broad. He can find himself out on a limb which is sawed off. He finds it difficult if not impossible to retrace his steps and make a fresh start. He seems headed in only one direction. If his supplies run out he is cut off. He is not sufficiently resourceful to makeshift and to find new routes or avenues of escape.

If he has developed a strong sense of teamwork he may be sustained in this way over difficulties he would not otherwise be able to face alone. Whether the native is pushed upward by his noble household's fortunes or by his own luck, he is likely to climb unhindered the ladder of honor and power. Should he have chosen a clergyman's career, prelacy expects him and nearly belongs to him by birthright. But the very circumstance of his high birth and obvious ascent will weigh down the subject's distinctive pride with lack of experience in life's storms and, barring pointers to the contrary elsewhere, will deprive him of the power of recoil and of the art of passive resistance.

He is more than sturdy and powerful, but not enough broken in to men and destiny's dirty tricks, and will skittishly rear and prance rather than adopt the elastic resistance tactics of those who had to conquer their territory step by step. Little as the stars may show the sign of drawbacks or reverses being more probable than steady luck, the tree may crash and be uprooted, the native may lose his brilliant position, and his family's star may dim and set forever.

******** Update August 16, 2020 ********

We still don't know, but so far things are not looking in Tegnell's favor. He has good progressions peaking around 2024-2025, progressed Venus trine Neptune, progressed Jupiter trine Sun, but if that's true, it could possibly mean something quite terrifying, that this virus takes its toll for the next 4-5 years at least, and vindicate his assessment.

In that case, he could be proven correct, but at this stage ....

"Sweden stayed open while other countries locked down — with 5,700 dead, critics are questioning if the gamble went horribly wrong"

Update October 8, 2021

It's pretty clear at this point in time that Sepharial was right about Tegnell.

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