According to an analysis of winning dates of my own and those obtained from several hundred people, it is estimated that approximately 60 percent of wins occur under this transit shape. Lucky days are rated from one "$" to five "$$$$$". The 1$, 2$ and 3$ ratings do indicate winning days, but normally the 4$ and 5$ ratings tend to bring bigger payouts.

This program picks out many of the good wins in my past. My best wins were on four and five "$" ratings. However, please don't take my word for it. Have a look back in your own life at previous lucky days or fortunate times of your life and observe the influences of the planets at the time.

The demo version has some free features like the Progression Reports (current influences).
It is able to process lucky day and transit reports from 1920 up to the current year.
(Users who purchase the software are currently able to run reports up to the year 2050)


 Download the program to see 
 how it works for your past

Install Lucky Days version 2.3


Please feel free to re-install the program from time to time to get the latest enhancements.
If your software is already unlocked you will not need to re-unlock it after upgrading.
(Latest update: Mar, 2024 - hard Mars aspects excluded, they do not usually prevent wins)


There is not a single reference on the internet about this being virus, adware or spyware software.
If your virus checker complains when installing it, please turn it off, install it and then turn it on again.
Windows 8 and above is sometimes over-cautious, click More info then Run Anyway to install it.

To view the CNet page with over 11000 downloads, please click here.
As a last resort you can download and install it from the zip file.

Windows is very cautious these days. If you get a message that the LDsetup.exe program is risky to download, please download the zip file and extract the LDsetup.exe program from it. I give you my word there is nothing at all in my software intended to harm you or take your private data, and have had hundreds of thousands of downloads since 2003 without a single complaint in this regard.

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