How to Sell the Lucky Days software

The author of this software used to be a compulsive gambler who gambled up to six days a week. He discovered a unique way of analyzing his planetary transits and has since reversed his accumulated losses and has been way ahead since applying these rules in 1993. After 6 years of hand-drawing his own transits, he wrote the program purely for his own needs, but due to popular interest decided to package and sell it. From winning on average once every ten to twenty times he gambled, he now wins on approximately 1 in 3 of the days on which he gambles.

The software was tested on the Dave Gorman show ( on BBC TV in September and October, 2002, in the show "Dave Gorman's Important Astrology Experiment", in which he conducted a test by acting on advice from astrologers which his twin-brother did not. He won money on both dates he tested it (400 & 800 pounds sterling). His words were, "it worked beautifully". As a result, he was a 1200 pounds ($1600) richer for the month. There are details about this experiment on the search engines.

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