Asrology POF calculation is flawed

Where I live, sunset today is 17h28:55 (yup, there has to be a cutoff point... or not?) Well.... "yes", says traditional astrology.

8 people are born in the world every second.

Those born at 17h28:54 have a *completely different* POF to those born a second later? Like a light switch, there is an absolute cutoff point?

Poof, all different, few question or test it? For hundreds of years.

I've tested it, was born at 8:10pm and my daytime calculation for the POF is a valid point. It responds to transits.

I was born at 8:10 pm and have found about a 25% daytime calculation correlation.

Straight line from 6pm to midnight would make this about a 33% daytime calculation correlation. So it looks like a straight-line depreciation.

Worth bearing in mind for those born reasonably near to sunset or sunrise. Those born around these times most likely have two almost equally active POF points.

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