Astrology of Charli D’Amelio

I bet a lot of us (metoo until today) have never even heard of her, shows you the times are a-changin. To help you feel really old, check out her renegade dancing on Youtube for how Uranus seems to be starting to replace the Neptunian dances of the past couple of millennia.

Charli D’Amelio, born 1 May 2004. 115 million Tik Tok followers in a year and a half. Fame on steroids. In the following article, they say 'Ultimately, we don’t know for sure whether algorithms are the only (or even the most important) factor to Charli D’Amelio’s success.'

Astrologers might sing along, 'I get by with a little help from the planets'. In her chart, the following close aspects within a degree:

Sun conjunct Node, sextile Mars.
Mercury sextile Venus, almost exact.
Jupiter sextile Saturn, within a sixtieth of a degree.
Mercury trine Pluto.

Tell me she's not going to be super rich! Already making $4 million a year. Makes me feel a bit done-in with my Sun trine Mars, 2.5 degrees - as one astrologer told me long ago, 'that's the only thing saving you'. (and Mars falling in stay-at-home Cancer)

Downside, Venus opposite Pluto and Jupiter opposite Uranus, she's already saying that public criticism is hard to cope with.

Posted on professor Brian Cox's wife's site (him 3 March 1968, says 'all astrologers are mad'). Told her he's in for a major rift in a relationship in July when Uranus squares his Venus. No response of course. All I try to do is plant the seeds. Not claiming anything, but you noticed Dawkins let up on astrology. Warned him repeatedly that if he's wrong, he will go down in history as the the guy who made such a big noise about astrology being unfounded and turning out to be so wrong, something his offspring would have to live with forever. Worst case, my +-20 emails to him must have irritated the hell out of him. Ok, then, irritated the bejesus out of him.

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