Astrology of Greta Thunberg

Here's what Sepharial wrote about her natal degrees over a hundred years ago:

Report for each Natal Planet Degree
Greta Thunberg (2003-01-03)

Interpretations based on those from The 360 Degrees Of The Zodiac

SUN: 12 of Capricorn: There is a nimble, crafty and clever wit inherent here which may outwit the native himself. He may be so busy with his mental gymnastics that he overlooks his real fortune. Nevertheless, he enjoys his clever little games which may or may not prove to be worthwhile. This ready wit may prove invaluable in a well-balanced nativity. Like most abilities it can be used wisely and well or perverted. If this one is perverted it will lead to severe cruelty and crime. In most cases he will have a lively and piercing insight which may appear to be genius. The frustrating thing about this is that it is not genius. It is rather limited without the necessary abilities to fill in what is lacking here. He is never outwardly moved in the face of justice. He is capable of declaring his innocence in the face of all evidence to the contrary. A child with the this degree might have an extremely difficult personality. It would be very important that he were handled firmly and in a manner equal to his cleverness. It seems that the sincerity with which he proclaims what he wants you to believe is more than equal to the cleverness inherent in the schemes he has mastered. A knack of getting work done with a lively and nimble rhythm, without a hint of routine, but with a harmonious sense of time and space; a brisk activity, a springy energy closely adhering to things. A great - perhaps excessive - reserve. There is a depth of feeling tinged with melancholy. The native loves life in the open, is fond of trees, worships the quiet of the countryside, and adores walking across the moonlit fields. Though unaware of it, a dash of gentle blood may run in his veins. On the reverse side of the shield, if blighted by pointers of unfairness elsewhere, that realism may induce unscrupulousness; those deft hands may become crafty, in plain words, slick and thievish. The man's rhythmic insertion in time and space then may become skill of getting within an inch of trespassing and into close shaves with penal law. Neither do those romantic feelings bar lustfulness, nor may that reserve be warped into sharing crime in secrecy and putting up a poker face before justice. Even cruel people - such are human nature's contradictions - may be born under this degree.

MER: 28 of Capricorn: A native of this degree seems to be heavily burdened with something, which prevents him from having the freedom other people enjoy. This burden usually takes the form of some kind of responsibility which may be some great honor. At any rate, he is dependable and reliable and can be counted on to chart a steady course for those who depend on him. He is guided by strict and precise thinking which unerringly brings him to his destination. This may be more literally true if the native should be involved in navigation. He is usually ambitious and seeks the responsibility he finds himself saddled with. Most probably do not realize anything desirable about the freedom they so willingly give up. They have sufficient ability for success in whatever they assume responsibility for. This is a divalent symbol, as it may mean huge wealth as well as an unbearable, crushing burden. Spiritually this may be brought into agreement, as wealth is tantamount to a millstone around one's neck, and the serfdom of the poor is no less a chain than the rich man's swollen purse. Intellectually, the symbol means geographic, nautical sciences and the like; exploration of the globe and travel at large; indirectly, astronomy and mathematics. If other aspects help, there may be a vast intelligence; less good components make for what is commonly termed a blockhead or worse. Anyhow, whether bright or dull, this is a methodical mind, with well-defined ideas and rigorously logical reasoning. Whether rich or a slave, the native is sometimes driven by immoderate ambition, the slave craving a position not only of absolute independence but of lordship, and the rich never setting a limit to his yearning for new wealth. Ambition, however, does not bar righteousness and chastity; slavery - or what is felt as such - does not exclude an honorable or even a famous name; and lucky components may make the native into a pillar of society, either in a moral, scientific, political or financial sense. The relations of the parts to the whole of the pattern must determine this last point.

VEN: 26 of Scorpio: This native has a deep and inborn distrust of society, or, as we say now, the establishment. He often befriends the weak and defeated only to be struck by them for thanks. There is also a fineness of perception shown by an interest and perhaps skill in the arts of all kinds. Much of the strength of Scorpio comes through here and there is perseverance and endurance to carry the native through to his goals, one after the other. Much sacrifice is required of him but there are those who have achieved a certain measure of honor and recognition. A very marked personality, a resolute and deliberate character, both shy of publicity and contemptuous of public opinion. Courage driven to the utmost of recklessness may bring the native into danger. There are two possible cases - (1) An honest and human nature, whose loathing of the pick of society and of the smart military set will turn his feelings into sympathy and love for the needy and the destitute. He will courageously go out of his way to succor this undeserving flotsam of society who has been disinherited and left in the lurch by the highbrows. But he will get the usual reward of benefactors - "ingratitude more strong than a traitor's arm" will overpower him. (2) The native has no moral principles whatsoever. Then hatred of mankind will strike root and sprout in him. He will lurk in the shade, plotting against human society, a thief or even worse. MAR: 21 of Scorpio: There is a great conflict here between unbridled capacity, restless and impulsive nature and a longing for a stable home, and love of children. He has courage, strength, all of the basic qualities of Scorpio but undisciplined and unrestrained. Perhaps if we were aware of the tremendous power here we would not be so quick to say unrestrained. However, by normal standards he is driven by frustrations and his ability to deal with these frustrations seems undirected by logical reason, even though the mentality is quite good. A savage or primitive nature longing for freedom and champing at the bit of restraint. A great but undisciplined moral force, courage ready to stand any test. A probably wild or downright ferocious character, knowing no inhibitions. At the same time, simplicity and naive behavior; a love of childhood is apt to drive the native so far as to make him take part seriously in children's games and to look a child among children. Fondness of horse racing. A hard destiny - acts of self-denial and heroic struggles in defense of one's independence, with a constant threat to this and to freedom itself.

JUP: 16 of Leo: This degree grants many abilities but a very childlike irresponsible nature. It may be compared to a child very accomplished in some art but when asked to perform, as Leo always is asked to do, he suffers from stage fright. His behavior is most lacking in the abilities everyone wishes to see. However, he becomes self-conscious and his emotions freeze him to the point where he is unable to act. But since he is required to do something, all eyes being expectantly aimed in his direction, he makes whatever movements he is capable of making. To his audience he has wasted his ability which they know he has. People watching do not understand that he is unable to present what he is able to do. If this native is able to escape the Leo necessity, which he imposes on himself, to be on stage, he may do fantastic things behind stage. He really cares little for what people think, but he feels a sense of obligation to do what is expected of him. His lack of respect for the lesser quality that he feels people ask for also interferes with his performance. He feels that what he cherishes as real quality will not be appreciated by others. And there is an element of truth to this. It is likely that as those around this native grow in understanding of inner qualities, he may feel an understanding which will bring better quality out of himself. An impulsive, enthusiastic and demonstrative nature, impatient of discipline and advice, stubborn and foolhardy, hard to repress and to check. An open-hearted, generous and affectionate friend, he will make an uncomfortable and often dangerous enemy. To all this he adds the utmost frugality, thanks to which he might bear the distress his not ripeness is more than likely to bring upon him. Potentially a man of many sports, endowed with a lopsided but bright and sometimes outstanding intelligence; he is conspicuous for the utmost development of some of his gifts and the utter infancy of other sides of his being, which exposes him to the risk of wasting his mental power on childish trifles.

SAT: 24 of Gemini: Still in the area of influencing eyesight. The social nature of this degree is very pronounced. This is probably the friendliest degree of the Zodiac. It is given to generosity and sharing. There is a deep and abiding interest in scientific research but he is able to remain silent about his own interests when they are not shared by others. This degree gives a pronounced ability to relate to any subject another person may wish to discuss. In true Gemini fashion this native is able to discuss your subject convincingly even if he has not developed a deep knowledge about it. His willingness to learn also makes him flattering to talk with. In this manner he deepens his own knowledge as well as collects friends of varied backgrounds. A demonstrative and jovial fellow whom all will like. The native would seem unable to live alone, as the frankness with which he declares his friendship, the selfless pleasure he feels in the company of. His comrades, and the proof of true friendship he can give when needed, will win him the largest possible number of hearts. Few people will enjoy so many and so sincere affections. The native's mind might turn to deep scientific research. He is in love with fine arts and music but his inborn innermost gift is the art of persuasion. URA: 26 of Aquarius: This native may have more ideas and energies than he can properly direct. There is plenty of persistence which still may fail to properly communicate the ideas. He is tremendously resourceful but somewhat unsteady. If the chaotic flow of ideas can be organized he may become a real master. This degree however provides only the raw material and the organizational abilities must come elsewhere. There is a marvelous wealth of material coming through in sporadic flashes of insight which may be valuable in it self but far more valuable if he also has the ability to organize and provide continuity and attach broader meaning. Even if he did not have this ability himself he would be valuable working with someone else who could put his ideas together in meaningful patterns. Mercury here would be valuable or a good Virgo influence would be a valuable combination. Because of the unsteadiness of this degree he may be in danger of reaching the top and tumbling to the bottom again because of weaknesses in the structure. This also may be avoided by steadiness otherwise. A good Saturn influence would help. Among his neighbors, the native will stand out like a beacon, but his nature is as reckless, and his position as unstable, as water; the danger of tumbling is an ever-present one. His steadfastness is greater than his firmness; the elemental forces of the whole being are more powerful than limpid. I do not say that there is mud, but the purest source loses its transparence if it squirts out too violently. As in other similar cases, the danger of tumbling may even literally come true; the rest of the pattern must throw light upon this as well as on whether that steadfastness is not to turn into a boring persistence. Should other strands in the pattern offset the headiness of the temper and induce a certain order in the turmoil of ideas babbling up in his mind, the native could turn into a real master (initiatory components would make him into an occult master); on the other hand, baneful components may warp his recklessness into blindness (taken literally or figuratively).

NEP: 9 of Aquarius: A tremendous drive here subject to conversion from one path to another. They are extremely competent and put much energy into what they believe. They are usually unaffected by materialistic goals. They work for a philosophical ideal. Their loyalty is to humanity as a whole. They are clever about finding unusual ways to attack a problem with ingenuity. They are quick in their action and quick to perceive when they are wrong. They are subject to sudden happenings which may turn them around in mid-stream. Usually there is one major turning point in their lives but often there are many minor sudden influences which alter their course. Except for one major turning point they manage to remain flexible in their action but fixed in their goals. They tend to be agnostic in their religion. A huge inner power, immense mental horizons. A courage exempt from earthly ambitions, the utmost physical or mental combativeness; an orator's, a polemicist's, or a critic's temper; brisk and watchful brains and nerves, capable of the timely and quick execution of any task. The native is likely to embrace religion, turning his back to the atheism or agnosticism he formerly professed, or to convert himself from a lower to a higher form of faith; and then it will just fit his nature to try to convert others, to become a missionary or to preach in his own country. However, he is certain not to get at truth gradually but by a sudden flash, and he is apt to get down at once to the task he feels himself entrusted with, as resolutely and firmly as his fiery personality bids him.

PLU: 18 of Sagittarius: This native is likely to renounce all worldly wealth in a naive attempt to scorn the evils of the material world, especially if Saturn were here. He looks for the hardships to prove his sincerity. Often this degree contributes to mental illness unless there are other factors which lend balance. He is much taken by the suffering of the downtrodden and often goes too far without the necessary understanding to help. If the rest of the chart and his environment give him the strength and the tools he needs he may be a great blessing to those he serves. He may even obtain the status he needs so desperately to feel in order to fulfill his potentiality. There is an interest in agriculture indicated here, perhaps because of the physical labor required. However, he will profit spiritually, mentally, and physically from some contact with things growing in the ground. The native is raving mad and driven to further excesses and absurdities by each of his impulses. He not only loves a rustic and sparing life but goes out of his way on an endless search for self-imposed hardships. He will not work, though he subjects himself to an unceasing and aimless toil. He is wayward rather than original; his planning is but castle-building. He cannot be denied a certain cranky and crotchety genius, but he is thoroughly off balance. A scatterbrained madcap and a dizzy cloud-dweller, he never will be able to get on in this world. He will only rouse a sensation. The failure of his hard efforts may even bring about real madness.

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