Marilyn vos Savant

Marilyn vos Savant is an American magazine columnist, author, lecturer, and playwright. She was listed as having the highest recorded intelligence quotient (IQ) in the Guinness Book of Records, 228.

Born August 11, 1946 in St. Louis, Missouri. In short, Mercury conjunct Pluto sextile Mars conjunct Neptune. It is apparent that there is a very Neptunian manner about the way she solves problems, similar to videos about geniuses on Youtube. They just seem to 'know' answers to things, or sense them in some way.

As astrologers you might agree with me about what we know about Mercurial and Uranian/Neptunian/Plutonian intelligence. The reason being, your lifelong struggle trying to get Mercurials to see the relevance of astrology. Or better still, their lifelong and destined-to-fail attempts to bring reason and an end to your nebulous knowledge and craft.

What a strange quandary. The co-ruler of astrology, Mercury, doesn't easily grasp astrology. Mercury gets tripped up, stuck, on details and simply cannot proceed until that dilemma is solved. Mercury is brilliant at linear thought processing, but gets totally lost when required to come up with solutions based on biases and innuendos. Other more exterior planet-ruled signs seem to be more able in general to move past vagaries and continue working with and processing information through to a reasonable conclusion (very general bias that though).

Scorpio (Pluto), Aquarius (Uranus) and Pisces (Neptune), you know stuff that others find hard to grasp. Don't feel too smug, that is your strength, other signs too, have strengths you lack. And since you're the real weirdos in general, seriously lack in many cases.

The IQ test has dropped out of favor in recent decades. It simply is not a very reliable tool in its attempts to categorize cognitive and assimilative ability. Its use seems to do more harm than good. If you know a couple of people with supposedly high IQ's, there's a high probability that they are social misfits or socially awkward in some obscure way, and haven't done very much with their apparently extended brain powers other than come up with theories and ways of describing or manipulating reality (and non-reality for that matter) that are either decades ahead of their time (i.e. useless to us right now), or totally impractical and belong where they remain, in the world of dreams. So you can tell them from me they are a bunch of stupids.

Yes, yes, they will shoot me down and tell me how bodies of information generally evolve from these same pools of current uselessness, but tell the idiot from me, yo, if you so clever, why you so poor? What's wrong wid you?

Here are some excerpts from Marilyn's 360 degrees based on the work of Sepharial, written about 100 years ago.

SUN: 18 of Leo: We must not expect all the people who have this degree activated to live up to its brilliant promise. But where this degree is the dominant influence we also may fail to comprehend the full meaning of the native's accomplishment. All the authorities agree as to the marvelous qualities offered here. There seems to be no evidence that it is subject to be misused only that it may not be lived-up to...

Beware all you with this degree activated. It is not a degree to be soaked up and spent. It is a degree to be fulfilled, or lived-up to. It is a challenge, rather than a promise.

SAT: 1 of Leo: Much insecurity is covered up by bluff and assuming an air of dignity. This degree requires a very brave front to cover up its real inadequacy. However, real qualities may develop behind this barrier provided the native does not succumb to outside influences. Flattery and "soft soap" are most welcome and may lead him right down the primrose path to his own destruction.

PLU: 11 of Leo: The influence of this degree seems to be strongly suggestive of Neptune. It is characterized as being more dreamy and vague than practical. Still, there is some promise of genius here.

If you read up about her you will hear about how she basically got ripped apart by tens of thousands of humans.

You can read the full report at

(Oh, in case I hurt anyone's feelings, I'm a Scorpio and member of the outdated society).

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