Martin Molin, inventor of the 'Marble Machine'

Martin Molin (born January 24, 1983) is a Swedish composer, producer, multi-instrumentalist, inventor and self-taught engineer. He is a member of the folktronica and post-rock band Wintergatan. Aspects include Sun sextile Uranus and Jupiter.

You'll see that 67,000 people have downvoted his invention, the 'Marble Machine'.

Don't take it to heart if not everyone likes what you are trying to do. Even if just a few do, that's ok too.

For interest, here's how Sepharial described his Mercury and Venus degrees.

MER: 17 of Capricorn: Poetry and music are not typical characteristics of Capricorn but the influence of this degree reaches heights not found anywhere else in the Zodiac. A meticulous precision may detract from the creative and feeling ability if strongly indicated in other areas. For the necessary feeling and inspiration are also granted here along with a precise and methodical attention to detail. The voice is unusually melodic and there is an intrinsic understanding and feeling quality which produces a free flow of harmony. He also has a talent for analysis which would contribute to the study of astrology and work with precision instruments of all kinds. Artistic painting also would be a faithful reproduction of the subject in minute detail. Nor are abilities here limited to music and painting. He is quite as clever with the use of words. Any writing he might do would have a poetic flow. The combination of the use of words and the melodic voice give him the ability to persuade where the use of force will fail completely. The nature is passive, yielding, harmless, orderly, decorous, well-mannered and wholly pleasant. His attachments are fluid but constant allowing those around him freedom. Should this native form a complete philosophical orientation to life this degree would grant the capacity to organize and put it into language of a highly persuasive quality with the attractive power to convince millions. A very human character, showing all the higher features of its animal part, the dog. The native's dog-like, all-out fidelity will be put to many a severe test. He will have a grumbling, growling, quarrelsome, nearly always harmless spirit; at the same time, the friend of mankind's docility and admirable reasonableness. The temperament will bear the marks of the utmost decision, but of steadiness as well, and the intelligence will be above the native's rank. Hallmark of this humane mind will be the most persuasive eloquence, a cogent logic, a suggestive expression, an artistic if not poetic style, a well-pitched voice and an inborn musicality. Such a gift for music and poetry could make the native into a true artist if an excessive accuracy of detail does not pinion the wings of inspiration; his exactitude will be driven to the limit of punctiliousness. The native will have a craze for analysis. astrology and instruments of precision, and any work he does will bear the marks of such a tendency. In art, therefore, he may go so far as to become a faithful and likable executor, but hardly a creator. Outside the artistic field he may well become the herald of new scientific doctrines or philosophical systems.

VEN: 23 of Aquarius: An enjoyment of skilled work is obvious here. There is one danger, he must be cautious of jealousy and rivalry which threatens to remove the rewards of his efforts. Even this is of little concern to him who thoroughly enjoys doing the work he has laid out for himself. It may bestow genius but always in a humble setting. There is intelligence coupled with stamina and vitality to endure what is necessary to complete his goals. The most characteristic quality here is a merry optimism which is the real secret of his success. All of the other abilities are furthered and supported by his cheerfulness. There is an intuitive and artistic touch which also characterizes his creative abilities. He stands to lose much from jealous opposition. This is one of the best zodiacal degrees as it bestows a strong and merry, active and tireless, faithful and sturdy nature, an industrious intelligence, a constructive mind, capable of creation and execution at the same time; a knack for trade and, usually joined to it, artistic taste. Where other factors concur, it may bestow genius. This degree's most beautiful feature is the cheerful eagerness with which the native carries out his work and gives it the finishing touches; humble as his work may be, he plunges into it as enthusiastically as if it were a feast. Any advice as to the most congenial profession would be wasted on him, as he instinctively knows what he must do and does it well.

Watch how his machine plays with human accompaniment at 20:00 -

If you're on social media and you have some detractors, don't lose your marbles! You can't please all of the people all of the time.

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