Will Ferrel and comedian Fluffy

Comedians Will Ferrell July 16, 1997 and Gabriel Iglesias (Fluffy) July 15, 1976 - Suns 23/24 Cancer

Two of America's best known comedians. Every time I feel like having a laugh I just picture Will in one of his situations.

So what's the thing about 23/24 Cancer being a degree for comedy?

Sepharial said "This degree is reputed to have much success, which could be attributed to the necessity for building without weaknesses inherent in the structure. Saturn's influence here seems to check out each step as the native progresses. An inborn drive to rise higher and higher, to step aside from the beaten track and to follow new, untried paths. Other pointers have to show whether this impulsiveness will stray into fitful unbridled behavior, rudeness or brutality, or open its way upward into selfless dedication to an idea... I (Sepharial) personally think that an uncommon gift of gab has fallen to the native's share, enabling him to shine as a teacher."

There is a fixed star near this degree, Procyon, which was around 25.5 Cancer when they were born.

https://astrologyking.com/procyon-star/ gives it an orb of 2°40' and makes the following observations:

'Procyon is of the nature of Mercury and Mars (exaggerative, argumentative, unreliable, unscrupulous, given to invective, mechanical ability, very quick mind, a great talker.)' 'Makes its natives petulant and saucy'. (Lilly said that it "designs a petulant saucy fellow, prone to anger, proud, careless, violent, giddy"). 'In astrology, like its constellation, it portended wealth, fame, and good fortune.' 'According to tradition, there is also a tendency to a hot temper and impudence. ' 'Procyon gives drive and a good sharp mind. With the Sun, a valiant demeanor is indicated.'

Will has his ruler the Moon conjunct Neptune, both sextile Uranus, to add to this. Net worth $160M.

Fluffy has Sun-Mercury Cazimi at this position, both sextile Jupiter. Net worth $40M.

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