Cazimi and Combust are Overrated

Just a couple of examples to illustrate a point.

Alan Watts Jan 6, 1915 6:20am UK Sun 14Cap51 Mercury 13Cap15.

His Mercury was combust by 1 degree 36 minutes in longitude, and 1 degree 52 minutes in latitude. His mental faculties can hardly be described as combust.

Opra Winfrey Jan 29, 1954, 4:30am Kosciusko (MS).

Here Venus is 9 minutes from her Sun, and not combust in longitude, but at 1 degree 9 minutes South it is combust in latitude. Her Venusian gift can hardly be described as combust.

I've studed the charts of several people who had good minds whos Mercury position was in the half-a-degree range. The whole chart needs to be taken into consideration.

In cases of cazimi, it brings good ideas but that's where it ends. They remain ideas unless empowered by the rest of the chart. An example of this is Simon Fuller, creator of the Idols franchise, he has true Sun-Mercury cazimi (16 minutes Long and 7 minutes Lat), but arguably the strength in his chart comes from his Jupiter-Pluto trine and his Venus-Saturn trine. Ideas are one thing but exection is another. I know. I have Mars falling, opposite Saturn elevated in his own sign. My birthright, "lack of demand". I was born on Nov 7, 1960 and have true Sun-Mercury cazimi, yet was thinking this morning of the over 100 ideas and inventions I estimate I've conjured up in my life, pretty much all of them have come to nothing. Effectively, useless ideas. Ideas are like elbows. Everyone has them, and everyone gets good ideas sometimes. All I can really say about it is that Mercury really burns the hell out of me being surrounded by the Sun. That's exactly what it feels like. A magnifying glass burning on one spot. It's like a blob of phosphorus that burns and never stops, and it's mostly painful.

Combust - Astrology Encyclopedia. Definition of Combust : Up to 8°30'.

Elon Musk proves the definition to be false. If you follow his tweets, you'll see that he hatches good ideas by the day. He is one of the most progressive thinkers of our time. His Sun and Mercury are 8°23' apart. Astrology defines his mind as pretty much debilitated? Pompous, arrogant, ineffectual? These archaic hard-and-fast definitions cannot possibly be black-white, on-off delineations. Just like the POF calculation doesn't change in a single instant as per the current definition of day-night births. They are gray, graded and also often dependent on other factors.

This will explain why some with so-called combust planet holders are more powerful figures than those with so-called cazimi. Annie Lennox? Jimmy Page? Carole King? With all respect to these talented people, really? Examples of cazimi making them stand out above the rest? Most millennials even heard of them?

The point is, how can it possibly be that the rays of the Sun apply only in longitude. Surely the same energies are involved by latitude as well?

Cazimi and combust are therefore misnomers. A load of hot air. They are both part of the same scale which applies to all aspects. The closer the more powerful, up, down and sideways. No need to complicate the matter... unless the energies only work by longitude, which is doubtful.

Traditional method of calculating Part of Fortune is flawed

Where I live, sunset today is 17h28:55 (yup, there has to be a cutoff point... or not?) Well.... "yes", says traditional astrology.

8 people are born in the world every second.

Those born at 17h28:54 have a *completely different* POF to those born a second later? Like a light switch, there is an absolute cutoff point?

Poof, all different, few question or test it? For hundreds of years.

I've tested it, was born at 8:10pm and my daytime calculation for the POF is a valid point. It responds to transits.

I was born at 8:10 pm and have found about a 25% daytime calculation correlation.

Straight line from 6pm to midnight would make this about a 33% daytime calculation correlation. So it looks like a straight-line depreciation.

Worth bearing in mind for those born reasonably near to sunset or sunrise. Those born around these times most likely have two almost equally active POF points.

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