Gates Zuckerberg Musk Jupiter Pluto

Gates, Zuckerberg, Musk, Buffett, all extremely wealthy from their Jupiter-Pluto aspects. This fact alone should be enough to prickle the intuition of most scientists in the world as an otherwise remarkable coincidence, which naturally, they would emphatically promote.

It also seems this is not really a braggart combination, most of them are pretty low-key about such great wealth. It seems to promote philanthropy, as it should, since Pluto is the god of the small things, the powerless, and Jupiter just opens up and gives massively once its threshold has been exceeded.

But interestingly I watched a video of an Iranian, Manny Khoshbin, who immigrated to the US and made himself a multi-millionaire from nothing.

Almost by rote I put up the birth chart to see what Jupiter-Pluto aspect this one was allocated/chose/randomly received, yes, the sextile, very close. (January 14, 1971)

You can watch a video of him discussing is car collection here :

He struck me as pretty down to earth, genuine, likable and admirable. But after watching the video and then reading what Sepharial wrote over 100 years ago about his Venus degree 6 at Sag, I ended up with a different view. Perhaps you will follow the transformation.

VEN: 6 of Sagittarius: To be of service is the only worthwhile path for this native to take. What he does of and for himself is lost and useless vanity. He must be working with and for a group. He is definitely a group man. He has literary ability either, or both, for writing or reading. He enjoys a considerable measure of intelligence and ability to work with facts. He has a mental resourcefulness which may be applied to many areas. He enjoys working on the projects he undertakes, and finds his greatest pleasure in contributing to a larger cooperative project. Because of his detached love of work he may be subject to exploitation by others which could soon ruin his value t6 society as a whole. He may fail to realize when he is being used unfairly. An even too soft character. A manifold mind, inventive and resourceful, fond of study and work. But all this will turn to the benefit of other people who will exploit the native's work and will ill-use himself. His destiny is to serve; whether the servant of one or of many masters, whether on duty for his country or subordinate to mankind's interests, neither his life nor his work ever will be independent. A pun may express this rather well - when the native does not work in the service of others, his work is of no service, of no use - all his efforts for his own sake will stay fruitless. Strangely enough, this seems to suit his boundless vanity, which is nearly ridiculous for a man; he will think of himself only as in a show-window, and all the mental work he reserves for his own personal benefit will only aim to make himself admired.

*** Updated 15 minutes later..

I opened the next Yahoo news tab, this was a story entitled 'WTH Happened To Your Favorite 'Shark Tank' Inventors, Anyway?'. ( It led to a story about, well, his wealth, this time:

He was born November 16, 1973. Jupiter exactly trine Pluto. Rest my case Dawkins. And I take back what I said about Jupiter - Pluto doesn't usually brag. Of course, fool. Jupiter LOVES the pomp.

It seems I am totally wrong.. perhaps it's just a matter of how well the owner disguises it.

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