Natalie Wood murdered imo

Natalie Wood (July 20, 1938) drowned on November 28, 1981, age 43.

Wikipedia: "Later, in his memoir Pieces of My Heart, Wagner acknowledged that he had had an argument with Wood before she disappeared. The autopsy found that Wood's blood alcohol content was 0.14%, and there were traces of two types of medication in her bloodstream: a motion-sickness pill and a painkiller, both of which increase the effects of alcohol. Two witnesses, who had been on a boat nearby, stated they had heard a woman scream for help during the night Following his investigation, Los Angeles County coroner Thomas Noguchi ruled her death an accident by drowning and hypothermia."

In 2012, Los Angeles County Chief Coroner Lakshmanan Sathyavagiswaran amended Wood's death certificate and changed the cause of death from accidental drowning to "drowning and other undetermined factors".

Robert Wagner (Feb 10, 1930) has Venus at 22 Aquarius and Uranus at 8 Aries. Here's what Sepharial wrote about these degrees a hundred years ago.

VEN: 22 of Aquarius: This degree is associated with violence. However the energy stored here may just as easily used constructively in a well-oriented chart. There is an excess of energy, sometimes sexual passion, all of which may be turned to creative uses as the rest of the chart directs. So far I have found it provides the steam power to move other abilities. There are varying degrees of success here but it is certainly similar to a very strong Mars in the chart if occupied by a significant area of the chart. Enmities but luck. When not altered by other components, the female native, or the male native's mate, will postpone any affection and any ideal to the care of her person. Her physical appearance will be a matter of taste and will appeal especially to those fond of lusty roundness, apart from the real beauty of her complexion, hair and eyes. Her disposition will be less appealing, being a mixture of cunning and violence, of unbridled passion and cool scheming. As beauty is not rated an asset in a man and excessive personal grooming is a morbid symptom of narcissism, this influence will lead a man nowhere. In a man, beauty will be an excuse for that fitful impulsiveness and that loss of self-control in anger which in a woman are usually blamed on the weakness of her sex. If stressed by other malignant stars, those sudden surges of wrath can lead to hideously brutal acts and can transform the woman into a termagant and the man into a murderer. Should other factors supply those inhibitions which this degree by itself fails to grant, the blind urges may be checked and bent, so that violence may turn into manly resoluteness. But too much would be needed to sublimate the cunning selfishness, the wickedness and the turbid flow of passions which make the native into a hated, though perhaps feared and even admired personality.

URA: 8 of Aries: Developed only in the use of violence. Planets on this degree will inject impatience in whatever the rest of the chart pushes toward. The influence from this degree is one of revenge and hostility. This native tends to wear a chip on his shoulder most of the time. He is defensive of whatever he is doing. Generally speaking, this attitude is the result of lack of skill and finesse and he can be encouraged by lack of criticism and patience. However, there are those who are so defensive and inadequate without the ability to feel successful that they cannot be encouraged to do anything to advantage. The general influence is one of undirected energy. Whenever this situation occurs it can be harnessed by directing the energy. This must be directed by other factors in the chart, and a personal commitment to something worthwhile. In neoplatonic parlance, the subject's "irascible soul" is incontinent - Dante would have doomed him to his Stygian swamp (according to interpretations of Dante by Luigi Valli and Giovanni Pascoli). In other words, he does not know will's golden mean; he is either high-handed or subdued, either an infamous executioner or a contemptible victim of life, according to the whole of his pattern pointing to the one or the other form of incontinence. If overbearing, he will be a quarrelsome daredevil, devoid of self-control, inclined to the most arbitrary violence; his recklessness will be his own undoing.

Wikipedia: "On February 1, 2018, the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department named Wagner a "person of interest" in the investigation into Wood's death. Though he was in the same location as Wood when she died, Wagner has denied any involvement."

You can run your own 360-degree report at (select Natal Degree Report at the bottom). Be warned though, Sepharial can be harsh at times so take what he says with a pinch of salt. But often he is spot on, consider his note on Ted Bundy's Saturn at 8 Leo: "Should the horoscope as a whole point to a lustful nature, the Lion's eighth degree would shift to its opposite polarity and, instead of a divine imprint, give it a Lucifer bent. The burning bush will thus change into the lunar devilish image of Cain and the thorns. Then an unquenchable passion, impure yet devoid of hidden motives and mental reservations, will slowly and steadily eat up the whole being, body and soul." (

Have a look at

*** Update December 21, 2020.

I've just looked at the chart of John Dmjanjuk (April 3, 1920), Nazi camp guard at Sobibor extermination camp, Majdanek, and Flossenbürg, tried and convicted in the 1980's after being misidentified as "Ivan the Terrible", a notoriously cruel watchman at Treblinka extermination camp. Shortly before his death, he was again tried and convicted as an accessory to 28,000 murders at Sobibor.

He has Jupiter and Neptune both conjunct at 8 Leo, the same degree as Ted Bundy's Saturn. This seems to be one of the most sadistic degrees of the zodiac. Here is some more from Sepharial's observatons of the effects of this degree.

JUP: 8 of Leo: It is my belief that the fires of hell have been mistaken for the fires of heaven. The forces of evil are held together by cold and frozen elements. Therefore, evil forces need fear losing their identity when confronted by the fires of heaven. There is in this degree a mystical fire which, when understood properly, gives love and light as a true Son of God. However, all the dangers of fire are inherent here as a warning to anyone not properly prepared to deal with fire in a beneficial way. This degree may represent the blossoms or the thorns on the rosebush. This explanation comes not so much as a warning to the native who must deal with the fire, but to those who come in contact with him. For this degree gives quite a clear understanding of the qualities necessary to live in truth. We must of course remember that most people fall short of such understanding. However, the natives of this degree perhaps come closer than most of us to understanding these qualities. The true Son of God must be a perfect blend of love and will-power. "Be ye therefore wise as serpents and harmless as doves." This native will in some sense be subjected to trial by fire. It will be only the pure metal that survives such fires. He may even work in some field closely associated with fire, and may literally be subjected to threats of loss by fire. He may be expected also to have a tremendous ability to outwit his opponents by clever and cunning means, a wolf in sheep's clothing. In a highly spiritual horoscope this degree's influence will endow the native with the power of heavenly fire surging forth with ardor unquenchable, unsullied, and all-consuming. Its light will be hidden from the sight of the unworthy and might even stay invisible to most eyes or escape notice altogether. In the bush blazing with unearthly flame, much-too-human beings will fail to see the light of the Absolute and will be alive only to the fact that the thorns in the bush sting anyone attempting to violate its mystery. Such are the conflicting features of the zodiac's one hundred twenty-eighth degree; fieriness along with reserve; aims sublime yet secret; a nature flashing with hope and led by the most generous impulses of self-denial, yet constantly on its defensive, as the thorns and the flames in the bush clearly imply. On the contrary, should the horoscope as a whole point to a lustful nature, the Lion's eighth degree would shift to its opposite polarity and, instead of a divine imprint, give it a Lucifer bent. The burning bush will thus change into the lunar devilish image of Cain and the thorns. Then an unquenchable passion, impure yet devoid of hidden motives and mental reservations, will slowly and steadily eat up the whole being, body and soul. The fire might not die out before having wasted the mind to its innermost reserves and burnt out the organism to its last shred.

Without spending too much time investigating the fixed stars near this degree, here's what I found on - a mention of mass murder is made:

7°12 Leo - *Praesaepe: Inner drive, reclusive, blindness, murder, tragedy, fires. Unfortunate; Mars/ Moon

7°24 Leo - *North Asellus (Asellus Borealis): Patience, beneficence and courage, heroic and defiant leader. Fortunate; Sun/ Mars

8°35 Leo - *South Asellus (Asellus Australis): Military preferment, blindness, eye trouble, shipwreck, mass murder, horrors, self-willed, uncooperative. Unfortunate; Sun/ Mars

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