Nicolas Notovitch was a liar

This may be something you already are pretty sure about, but does add a bit of insight.

Perhaps it is because I have Neptune conjunct my Sun (6 degree separation) that two of my friends are compulsive liars.

The one, Capricorn, born January 16, 1962, has Mercury square Neptune (within a degree) and is the biggest liar I have ever met in my life. He lies just for the sake of lying, makes up incredible, fantastical stories that have absolutely no foundation whatsoever. He cheats on the women he is already cheating someone else with. He often has up to 5 or 6 different women at the same time, all believing he is single. On one occasion, 5 women found out they were all being cheated on simultaneously by him, got together and told his at-the-time wife (he's been married 3 times - she didn't leave him for this, btw). He would talk to me before I met him for a meal with a certain woman and brief me beforehand "what the story was", e.g. "Listen, the story is I am a vet and have my own farm..."

The other, Taurus, born May 1, 1961, has Sun and Mercury opposite Neptune (within a degree), and has been known by most of his friends for many years as a "Bullsh....r". I've listened to endless stories about how he was caught in Cyclone Demoina on his yacht, riding 100-foot high waves to how he lost ten million dollars on Bitcoin last year. The funny thing was at the beginning of one week he said he had lost seven million dollars, shortly after that the amount had gone up to ten million dollars, he didn't even remember the lie he had told four of us sitting at a table a week earlier.

Thing is, it seems to work. The Capricorn has 3 luxury houses, 3 Porsches, a plane and a helicopter, and the Taurus has a thriving security business, a beachfront penthouse, a farm in Uruguay and two yachts, and that's no lie.

Nicolas Notovitch - (August 13, 1858) Mercury opposite Neptune.

Shulim or Nikolai Aleksandrovich Notovich, known in the West as Nicolas Notovitch, was a Crimean Jewish adventurer who claimed to be a Russian aristocrat, spy and journalist.

Notovitch is known for his 1894 book claiming that during the unknown years of Jesus, he left Galilee for India and studied with Buddhists and Hindus there before returning to Judea. Notovitch's claim was based on a document he said he had seen at the Hemis Monastery while he stayed there.

The consensus view amongst modern scholars is that Notovitch's account of the travels of Jesus to India was a hoax.

Notovitch also wrote some political books on the role of Russia in war.

Aristrocrat? Spy? That's exactly the kind of story my Capricorn friend would make up.

This natal aspect adds weight to indologist Leopold von Schroeder referring to Notovitch's story as a "big fat lie".

Jesus never set foot in India or the Himalayas.

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