Progressed Mercury Sun Cazimi

Just been reading up a few sites on what they say about progressed Sun-Mercury cazimi. The one site made me aware that most people who live to a good age will get this progression at least once during their lives.

They say we should take note of the events that happen around this time.

Mine's quite a laugh, totally pipe-dream, but here's the story.

I have a natal Sun-Mercury cazimi Sun : 15Sco20 Mercury: 15Sco12 (exactly on the cusp of the 6th house of health. -born 7 Nov 1960) Saturn : 14Cap02

My progressed planet positions are:

Mercury: 15Cap00 Sun : 15Cap09 Jupiter : 15Cap11

So as you can see it's progressed cazimi sextile natal cazimi.

I started researching AIDS one Saturn cycle ago, for an interest. I don't have AIDS but someone I knew died of it at that time.

The significant event for me during this past week was that I thought of the final part of introducing ultraviolet light into the bloodstream to help reduce the AIDS virus payload: the use of a needle with holes in it to prevent the UV light from damaging the vein.

Saturn today is at 15Cap20. It has just moved over the 3 cazimi planets during the past week. (just had my 2nd Saturn return)

During this past week I sent the theory to a couple of scientists who do AIDS research. I didn't plan for it, it just came to mind. I have actually been gambling hard during this time, as my progressed Moon was exactly 25Leo33, conjunct my natal Uranus, and last time it did this in 1992 I had the biggest win of my life, two of us traveled though 5 countries for 5 weeks on the money I made from gambling $3. (Needless to say, no good wins this time, which was hard to accept, but try to milk it I did. Anyway, story time)

Of course I don't expect anything to happen. A hick finding the cure for AIDS is just not going to happen. There are probably many things wrong with this theory or many reasons why it wouldn't work. But it's interesting that I had this interest over the past 29 years, before I even knew I had Sun-Mercury on my 6th house cusp.

Anyway, the astrology is more interesting to me than the AIDS theory, but here it is. The final step was to add the image of the needle with holes in it.

Needles are made from flat sheets of steel, cut and rolled up into tubes, and welded down the middle. So it wouldn't be too difficult to punch holes into the metal before it is made into the needle.

Oh well. I have Mars falling in Cancer, so that explains the whole misguided Pisces Midheaven save the world thing.

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