Shia LaBeouf and Margaret Qualley

Here's what Sepharial wrote about her natal degrees over a hundred years ago:

Just been watching 'The Maid' on Netflix, forgive me, I live under a rock, it slowly began to dawn on me that although the movie is about the effects of abusive men in relationships, it was inspired or at least paralleled by the relationship involving Margaret Qualley and Shia LaBeouf.

Had a quick look at the charts since I've studied the astrological dynamics of hundreds of relationships and love to see how this rigged universe of ours sets us up for radical interaction or gets involved in deceiving us to see how we will handle it.

Won't bore you with much detail, other than she has Venus in the sign of Scorpio (square her co-ruler Mars), and we all know what that means, basically Venus showing its slut bitch side in the sign that subconsciously loves a good fight, and him with a strong Sun-Uranus opposition meaning apart from being insane, he's the type of guy who will always be up to giving her one.

So as is very often the case, they got involved when the slut bitch planet activated their charts by progression, in this case his progressed Venus at 4-5 Virgo sextiled his natal Pluto (her ruler) at 4-5 Scorpio, a strong love aspect, while at the same time his progressed Mercury at 5-4 Leo (retro) square that same Pluto position at 4-5 Scorpio, a strong hate aspect, and in her case, her progressed Mercury (his ruler) at 26 Scorpio square her progressed Mars (her co-ruler) at 26 Leo. All very close positions and very intense, especially with Pluto and Mars involved. All very intertwined, like a fated cosmic magnet.

Here's his and her progressed charts to show you the loving blue lines and the angry red hate lines :

and the (be warned) steamy video entitled exactly that, 'Love Me like You Hate Me' :

After studying relationships for 20 years, many will disagree with me, but my message is the same, you get what you came to this Earth plane to get. Do not blame your partner too much for their misgivings, they are giving you what you need and what you deserve as a soul. To a large extent, you are getting back what you previously gave out in your relationships. No, I'm not justifying it, I'm just reminding us that it's a rigged universe. In other words, Shia, my bet is you come back in your next life as a woman.

"What I learned recently from Sister Shivani is forgiving those who wronged you in the past is actually forgiving yourself for what you may have done to escalate the situation in the past lives. But if you manage to release the anger, you will go into the next life with a clean slate." - Sister Shivani.

You can try begging Saturn for mercy but I can assure you he has no compassion, he cannot be swayed. Try saying 'Om shani charaya namah' 108 times a day and then come to me and I will give you a good slap to wake you up.

Victims, wise up. We can't evade our karma. It will find us like a mother seal finds her calf among thousands. We were born in a labyrinth that was so obviously and carefully designed to test us, hurt us, transform us in the fires of hell, yet all the while guiding us on our path to purity and enlightenment.

We co-choose our poison: (from

South node (abandonment, being an outsider, loss)
North node (emotional dishonesty, greed, uncontrollable feelings and emotions)
Mars (anger, violence, aggression, divorce)
Saturn (conditional love -'I will love you if' coldness, envy, hatred, resentment, emotional invalidation, poverty mentality, depression, getting stuck in life)
Uranus (rejection, divorce, suicide, bizarre disruptions, accidents, intermittent coming-and-going affections)
Neptune (madness, addiction, deception, cheating, irresponsibility, loss, disappearance)
Pluto (obsessions, revenge, jealousy trauma, tragedies, power games, control, crime, death)

You can't cheat Saturn, 'the enjoyer, the controller, the proprietor'.

When will Saturn begin to let up on you?

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