Sophia, first robot in the world recognized with citizenship

Sophia is said by her creator, David Hanson, to have been born in Hong Kong on February 14, 2016 -

She has Jupiter, planet of expansion, conjoined with the Node, which represents the public.

Here's what Sepharial wrote a hundred years ago about her Sun and Mercury degrees.

SUN: 24 of Aquarius: There is often tragedy associated with this degree and usually more or less unexplained. He seems unsuspecting of any harm which might threaten him. There is also a naive inability to grasp the significance of much that he does. He somehow lacks awareness. There is considerable intelligence but not sufficient common sense or wisdom to use the intelligence in a meaningful way. There is also a lack of physical strength and a lack of courage in the face of adversity. He is likely however to go far and accomplish much during his life time. He seems to be subjected to many things which force growth upon him as he stumbles blindly on. Other parts of the chart may greatly alleviate the slow painful elements here and help him to learn to protect himself. This influence confers a bright mind, but carries something tragically in itself and spells mishap. The rest of the horoscope will have to say whether the native is himself the author or the victim of such bad luck. But whether evil or ill-fated, the native will be an unhappy being anyhow, unable as he is to grasp the meaning of his own actions. According to what the stars say, he may lack partial or total moral sense or prudence. He will get into trouble unconsciously in any event, and will realize his plight when it is too late. The physique inclines to weakness, as does the mind. I said there is a remarkable intelligence. I may add, this is not in keeping with all the rest. However, the chance of distinguishing oneself in some branch of science is not ruled out; the native is even likely to attain renown, though it may be in a good or bad sense.

MER: 0 of Aquarius: There is a spontaneous quality here which comes from the cusp influence of Aquarius still held down by the stability of Capricorn. There is real need for balance here. There are superior abilities coupled with lightening-like insight which sometimes lack direction. He usually has great and responsible concern for humanity and is capable of important leadership positions. He must watch carefully to see that the exacting laws of Capricorn are adhered to until he has developed further his own sense of the spirit of the law. There is budding insight which looks beyond the bounds of what has been established and invents new ideas and techniques but this must be carefully gauged to make these new inventions practical and workable, which is a demand of Capricorn. He needs careful training to develop the best that he is capable of. His imagination must not be curbed by rigidity but it must be carefully guided by known principles in a successful way so as not to be discouraging. Something fatal, the highest prestige, art or even power to sway over others but not to rule himself. Power of concentration, inability to alter the direction of one's inborn impulses. Lightning-like promptness and discontinuity in action. Lofty ambitions, huge hopes; an extraordinary energy, often foreign to the native himself, but anyhow likely to boost him very high; but he may dash along like a fiery meteor, whereas the results of his actions will disappoint everyone as the power propelling him toward the goal may let him overreach himself and go astray. The horoscope as a whole will tell what kind and what amount of luck he will get; surely, should the native make a mistake, he cannot rectify it or retrace his steps. On the other hand, the propelling force is an impulse, a dash and not a constant drive, and tends to sink to naught through friction, wear and tear, so that either the goal set to him is reached within a certain time, or utter failure has to be faced. The native's career will resemble a parable in its broad outline.

Sophia was officially granted citizenship in Saudi Arabia on October 25, 2017.

Here is the approximate chart for that event (8.20pm, Riyadh) -

The Sun was in close conjunction with Jupiter, Mercury trine Neptune and Saturn trine Uranus. According to Sepharial:

SUN: 2 of Scorpio: This degree grants great abilities for the individual to control his own character development. It gives an ability to rise above circumstances and use whatever experiences are at hand to build the overall character he chooses to develop. He is influenced by his environment but not governed by it. Whereas some may blame circumstances for their failures, he may be greater as a result of the same experience which defeated a lesser being. He may become disillusioned but he is always prepared to take the responsibility for his own actions. He is fond of occult studies but looks at everything with a clear, penetrating, and unprejudiced mentality. He has an exceptional memory and if he is so oriented, he may hold a grudge. He is capable of great hostility; the expression of such will be attuned to his overall character. Essential elements of this personality are strength, sturdiness, wide mental range, to ponder and slowness in everything. A detailed description, taking bodily features into account, will point to a tall and stolid frame, a large nose and small, lively eyes; an individually marked character, a strong soul, gifted with sharp and deep judgment. The native has not only a mentally great head, much humanity and plenty of power, but is cautious, reserved, unprejudiced, either evenly melancholic or fearlessly confident in the future. Though he is normally easy and self-controlled, his wrath will know no bounds if he is roused. His memory is exceptionally retentive of both good and evil; his grudges can hardly be smoothed over. Sturdiness may lead sometimes to stubbornness, the huge strength may stray into high-handedness; in particularly ill-aspected charts, greatness may induce a swelled head.

JUP: 3 of Scorpio: A deep and penetrating mind is to be found here. This native has moral courage and strength to spare. He fights for the right as he sees it but with pacifist techniques. He is possessed of such power and insight that his action may be such as to decide the course of some particular action without himself having uttered a word of explanation. One who commands respect without any obvious effort to do so. He has an inspiring effect on large groups of people if he chooses to be such an influence. He is however more oriented to a mystical and contemplative life away from more mundane social action. He may find that he has overstepped the bounds through meditation and not be able to return to the body again. He may become skilled at brinkmanship if he goes this route. This degree is oriented toward a contemplative life and bestows such a depth of thought as can become an abyss. Whether it shall be an abyss of evil or of good, the whole of the nativity has to decide. The Powerful One, having overstepped the limits of sense delusions (what the Hindus call Maya) is rid of the bonds and ties hampering earthly beings, which is a danger in itself. This ought to be enough. Outwardly the native is silent, close, lonesome and shy of human society and fellowship, but others sooner or later may be compelled to acknowledge that, though he spoke not, he had his way and left a very conspicuous mark where he trod.

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