Astrology: Turia Pitt

I follow standalone progressed charts regularly and have found them to often reveal vital timing information. Many examples, but one I remember well was when Mars was conjunct my midheaven about a decade ago. On that day I dived off my surfboard after kicking out of a wave and landed head-first on a sandbank, the only reason it crunched the cartilage rather than breaking my neck was the fact that I hit it completely vertically. The reason I'm writing this is that I have come across some astrologers in the past who've said they don't believe the progressed standalone chart works. Here's a good example of it in operation. Turia Pitt was born in French Polynesia on 24 July 1987. You'll see her 4 degree off exact square from Mars to Pluto in her natal chart, but not enough there for one to predict what happened to her. Wikipedia - "On 2 September 2011, Pitt was competing in an ultramarathon through Western Australia's Kimberley region, when she was caught in a grass fire. During a subsequent inquiry, she stated there was "nowhere else to go" when the competitors tried to outrun an out-of-control blaze that swept up Selena Gorge, just outside Kununurra. Pitt suffered burns to 65 percent of her body. It was several hours before medical help arrived and she was air-lifted out. Doctors did not expect her to survive her injuries." If you look at her progressions, you won't see it other than Mars semi-square her Mercury, which is usually not enough to fire off such a life threatening event : If you look at her solar arcs, all you'll see is the back end of SA Neptune square her Jupiter: If you look at her transits for that day, all you'll see is Venus square Saturn, which is not normally an accident causing aspect : But if you look at her progressed standalone chart, you'll see the cause. Progressed Mars conjunct Sun. I've seen enough to rest my case. You can read about how Mars square Pluto natal potential transformed her life here :

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