The Power of Abscission

Literally, abscission means the "cutting off of the rays".

For example, a person has their Sun at 20 Aries, opposite Saturn at 18 Libra. Their Venus at 19 Leo cuts off the rays by trine/sextile, providing relief from the pain, outlet for expression and even a possible means for cure if required.

But the positive effects of abscission are just as powerful.

For example, Bill Gates, Jupiter 27 Leo 47, Pluto 28 Leo 21, abscissed by Neptune sextile at 28 Libra 15. Very powerful when natal.

But it works by progression too. Try Roger Hodgson. Venus at 15 Aquarius 59, painfully opposite Pluto at 16 Leo 05. Neptune just further off the abscission gap at 16 Libra 25, but by progression during his teens abscissed the tiny opposition orb and provided the outlet, both a release from the pain and the excruciatingly beautiful essense of his gift to the world. A sublime, universal, spiritual abscission from Neptune, e.g.

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