Astrology of (Facebook), registered January 21, 1991.

1991? As far back as that?

Yes. The internet is said to have started on January 1, 1983. If only we'd known where it was going! You could have bought the trademark 'Meta' and sold it to Facebook for $20M. (and also and sold that for $350M).

The domain has Saturn conjunct North Node. Both conjunct the Sun, trine Mars.

Saturn conjunct Node... a late starter? How about, one Saturn cycle later you get going?

Mercury at 8 Capricorn. A hundred years ago Sepharial described this degree giving one whose ' aspirations and interests lie far beyond the ordinary'.

SUN: 1 of Aquarius: Natives of this degree may let their chances pass them by unless they find a suitable niche. Much of this is due to a constant boredom with what is at hand. They are unable to attach their dreams to something that is near and thereby fail to make connections which are meaningful. It is a very difficult cusp combination of the desire for material security from Capricorn and impractical or unattainable dreams from Aquarius without any of the qualities which might develop these things into reality. If there are supporting influences in one or both of the signs in other places this weakness may be overcome. Otherwise this native is in for a wasted and difficult life. Embarrassment of riches...

MER: 8 of Capricorn: These natives crave a steady program of unusual and extraordinary activities. He lives a life which makes others stand in awe. However, it seems uninteresting to him. His aspirations and interests lie far beyond the ordinary. ... (full report )

Meta - Wikipedia › wiki › Meta Original Greek meaning — Meta (from the Greek, meta-, meaning "after" or "beyond") is a prefix meaning "more comprehensive" or "transcending."

For a bit of a coincidence, in 1988 when Grimes was born, the author Jared Austin was busy writing the book, 'Space City'. It was published in 1989.

In 2018, 29 years, one Saturn cycle later, she met Elon Musk, and as you know they had a son they call 'X'.

Elon Musk is intent on setting up the first space city on Mars.

In the novel, the Meta symbol encompasses the Greek letters Gamma, Sigma, Omega and the artificial intelligence robot 'Xi'. We never see or hear from 'Xi'. Eta, Alpha, and Beta are 'muted'. Alpha (representing the Church) is under cover, the 'fragments' may not speak of him. Beta (Tex) is muted because she is 'a secret'. Theta isn't listed at all, even though he is alive and partakes in all their meetings.

It was Sigma's plan to reach the Meta state. AI Xi was not made into a visible 'fragment'. Make of that what you will. He disappeared from public view.

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