Astrology of Daniel Tammet

The remarkable genius of Daniel Tammet, born January 31, 1979, England. If you watch you'll see he is truly superhuman.

Sepharial describes his Mercury 4 Aquarius degree as 'They are striking people and cannot help but be looked up to in some way.' But the genius seems to come more from his Mars position at 8 and a half degrees of Aquarius.

At age 4, his progressed Mercury was conjunct the natal Mars position at 8 Aquarius. In the video, it is reported that he experienced epileptic fits at that age.

MAR: 8 of Aquarius: There is genius inherent here but it is bound by lack of freedom. These natives seem to be chained by something which has the power to hold them beyond all logic. He is not able to simply turn his back on these things and walk away. As he solves these problem areas with the natural genius he has he may free himself to work on more creative and constructive enterprises. Some of the problems these people feel themselves bound by seem really stupid and pathetic to others but others should remember we all have blind spots. The only difference here is that these natives seem to be forced to face up to their blind spots in a very gripping way. Most of them make a great amount of progress and to the extent they do they also release creative energy for their own development. The problems that trap them seem unequal to their genius. This is because the problems here are more of an emotional nature than a situation which lends itself to a rational or reasonable approach. We are all subject to being restricted by what we are emotionally able to accept. However, with these natives this reality is more obvious. Here is certainly a sincere thirst for freedom. The native's defiant, brisk and masterful character will endow him with growing efficiency as more and more of his energies are released by his conquest of freedom. But his karma is certain to bring him either moral or physical chains, and he himself is likely to tend unconsciously to chain his neighbors. Therefore, the hidden aim of this degree will be the release from bondage. One's bondage will in its turn warm to respect the freedom and dignity of one's fellow beings. Kindness and love of justice are not wanting. The sense of justice may not be enough, as there is too much self-centeredness, leading the native to look at things from a too-strict personal point of view. This applies to the mind as well, as the individual flight into new and unfenced territories is held back by the fetters of logical reasoning. Should the native be able to break his chains, his thought thus freed might soar beyond the Threshold.

Amazingly, there were no known fixed stars within orb of 8 Aquarius when Daniel was born. The closest were Bos at 5 degrees (nature of Saturn and Venus) and Armus at 12 degrees (nature of Mars and Mercury). It appears this area of the sky is energized by something other than a visible star. (I refuse to say the word 'portal)

Here are some links that might help us understand what Sepharial meant by 'thought thus freed might soar beyond the Threshold.'

It is possible that his epileptic seizures and an appropriate birth chart may have opened up his ability to tap into higher realms.

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