Depression and Saturn

It's a very well known fact that difficult Saturn aspects in the birth chart cause anxiety and depression. By transit, return, progression and solar arc, it brings the same influences, there are countless examples but one I found interesting was when Elon Musk had his solar arc Saturn conjunct his Sun in 2007/2008. He tells us he was weeks away from bankruptcy and in 2008 had to borrow money to pay the rent. So there's hope for us yet!

I am not aware of available stats on Saturn's link to depression, but as an exercise looked up celebrities who have suffered from this to see if there was any correlation, and it looks like there is. Here is a list of most of the readily available ones, with the aspect and number of degrees. For those who don't know astrology, the relevant aspects are the squares, oppositions and conjunctions. These are known as the 'hard' aspects since they are more difficult to integrate, and the closer to zero, the more intense.

Kristin Bell : Venus square Saturn 4
Kirsten Dunst : Venus square Saturn 3
Dwayne Johnson : Neptune opposite Saturn 2
Katy Perry : Mercury conjunct Saturn 4
Ellen Degeneres : Mars conjunct Saturn 2
Jim Carrey : Sun conjunct Saturn 4
Cara Delevingne : Moon conjunct, Sun opposite Saturn 5,6
Johnny Depp : Mercury/Venus square Saturn 2,3
Eminem : Venus square Saturn 3
Chris Evans : Mercury square Saturn 1
Harrison Ford : Node square Saturn 1
Joseph Gordon-Levitt : Jupiter conjunct Saturn 1
Angelina Jolie-Pitt : Jupiter square Saturn 0
Brad Pitt : Neptune square Saturn 2
Lady Gaga : Jupiter square Saturn 1
Hugh Laurie : Mercury opposite Saturn 4
Demi Lovato : Mercury opposite Saturn 4
Dolly Parton : Mercury opposite Saturn 5
Matthew Perry : Moon opposite Saturn 1
Michael Phelps : Jupiter square Satun 6
Wayne Brady : Sun conjunct Saturn 2
Buzz Aldrin : Uranus square Saturn 2
Ashley Judd : Venus conjunct Saturn 3
Naomi Judd : Sun opposite Saturn 0
J.K. Rowling : Uranus/Pluto opposite Saturn 2,1
Sheryl Crow : Mercury/Mars square Saturn 5,3
Terry Bradshaw : Moon conjunct Saturn 1
Tipper Gore : Sun conjunct Saturn 0
Brooke Shields : Mars opposite Saturn 1
Britney Spears : Venus square Saturn 6
Channing Tatum : Venus square Saturn 0
Emma Thompson : Mars opposite Saturn 4
Kerry Washington : Uranus square Saturn 2
Reese Witherspoon : Jupiter square Saturn 3

The progression of Saturn affects the intensity of the experience considerably. For example, Britney Spears has Venus square Saturn by 6 degrees, but by progression, at the age of 40 that aspect had reduced to 4 degrees. The pace of secondary direction of the planets is also important, the slower, the lengthier and more difficult. For example, Tatum Channing, by progression his Saturn at 20Vir45, slowed by recent retrogradation, moves all the more slowly through its square to his Venus at 20Gem23.

Some of the stories related to the people mentioned in this article :

I am thinking about writing a program to show that the incidence of Saturn in depression related problems is proof of astrology in itself. I'm pretty sure a random sample of people matched with the above list will not show such a pronounced Saturn bias.

My two cents: Using Magic to supress Saturn energy

We first need to reflect on some basic rules before wanting to suppress Saturn energy.

Saturn is the most important of the planets. In mythology, Saturn was the father of Jupiter, Neptune and Pluto.

Saturn is known as 'Father Time', and has the final say. Even over the wealth of Elon Musk and his massive slow Pluto-Jupiter progression money making aspect.

So we live in a world that is dominated by a planet whose influence is depression, anxiety, fear and restriction. Its other influences include conditional love ('I will love you if'), coldness, envy, emotional invalidation, hatred, resentment and a poverty mentality.

We try and hide as much as we can from its influence, yet those who have suffered under it have often said that their experience was a great teacher for them. They became more humble, more compassionate, more respectful of all things. At the end of our lives, many of us will realize that although we hated it, Saturn was our best friend.

Regarding the painting, 'Melencolia', by Albrecht Dürer, Wikipedia says "Treatments for melancholia in ancient times and in the Renaissance occasionally recognized the value of 'reasoned reflection and exhortation' and emphasized the regulation of melancholia rather than its elimination 'so that it can better fulfill its God-given role as a material aid for the enhancement of human genius'. The point being, some of the greatest works of art and literature have been created during periods where the artist or author was being crushed.

As in the legend of the Thorn Bird, pain can squeeze beauty out of you like the pressure that forms diamonds from coal. It is the the fire and brimstone of alchemy. It imparts wisdom.

It rules Capricorns. If you know one, you know someone who has always been wise beyond their years. That wisdom did not come for free, most often it cames from a repressed or crushed childhood where the child had to emotionally carry a parent.

I remember in the mid 90's I was suffering greatly from hard Uranus-Saturn aspects. I resorted to holding symbols of the planets, the inner rods of batteries (electricity-Uranus/carbon-Saturn) in my hands and chanting the 'Om shani charaia namah' mantram for relief. It seemed to work, perhaps it was just a placebo, but, well, the placebo worked then. In our darkest hours, the smallest life rafts can help.

Perhaps to get a temporary break from Saturn we can use something simpler, an image implementing the basics of planetary magic.

I don't know if it works, but it is made up of things that are said to work, 'Magick Squares and Planetary Seals'.

In a nutshell, magick squares rule each planet and can be used to enhance or repress their effects. Using Kaballah numbers assigned to each planet, Saturn relates to a 3-sided square and Jupiter, 4. These magical squares enhance the energy of the planet. Other shapes based on these squares is used to seal off the energy. If you look at Dürer's painting, 'Melencolia', you'll see he actually has put in the square of Jupiter at the top right :

If you watch this video, you'll learn how a magician blocks the energy of a planet by overlaying the square with the symbolic seal of the same planet :

So all I made is an animated image that combines the two methods, emphasizing the energy of Jupiter on the left and repressing the energy of Saturn on the right. You can view or download the image here.

I'm going to give it a try, because, probably like yourself, I'm finding the world is a pretty depressing place at the moment. Psychiatrists say, basically, get some exercise, rationalize situations (learn to rule your heart with your head), and don't overthink things. Sounds so easy but I guess something to constantly work towards.

How to Recover from Depression

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