I must stress that, like any stock broker or horse-racing tipster, I can only give you my recommendations, to the best of my ability, under the conditions of gambling as I have come to know them after many years of study.

I am also compelled to remind users that, when you gamble or speculate, you make the decision to do so entirely at your own risk.

You pay your money and take your chances, as they say. Almost everything in life is a gamble, you gamble when you cross the street, or even when you sit in your favorite chair. I have a newspaper clipping of a lady who was sitting in her living-room and was injured by a meteorite that went through her roof.

I make no claims as to the efficiency of the software, other than its ability to indicate planetary transit activity to your own birthchart that is generally accepted by astrologers as being fortunate and beneficial. I am not in a position to offer guarantees as to the outcomes of its recommended use to assist you finding lucky periods and have to absolve myself and www.luckydays.tv from any possible losses incurred as a result of following these recommendations. I've noticed over the years that people have very different expectations about winning money. Some expect to win a big lotto on their first few lucky days, some are happy with any wins, others treat small wins with dissatisfaction. One person who won $150 on the lotto on their lucky day emailed me and said sadly, "I won $150, big deal". Some people have had very good success with the software and have mailed me gifts of various kinds. One user won on 11 lucky days in a row, a total of $18,000, at Roulette, and sent me a gold-plated wishing tree.

You can freely download and use the lucky days software to observe the transit activity that was prevalent on every day of your life for both fortunate and unfortunate periods. That should alone gives you a strong indication of whether you think following your transits can give you an advantage when predicting future trends. In addition, every year you can run a free 3-month report into the future to establish this worth as a prediction tool. On top of that, you have a 60-day full refund period. In other words, you have your whole life's history plus 5 months into the future to check the aspects on fortunate dates and validate the results of my decades of research and testing.

Gambling is a university where you pay for your own education. I plead with all gamblers to only do so with money that they can afford to lose. Don't rush off and try and recover from a loss with another hurried bet. Likewise, don't "go for the chandeliers" and try and "break the bank" with all your profits after having a good win. Both behaviour patterns are very often unsuccessful. Please practice patience and discipline at all times.

This approach is used in the long term by all the successful gamblers I have ever known or read about.

Some of the main reasons why I promote this gambling-related website:

To help spread astrology.
To help with gambling addiction. I was an addicted gambler (up to 6 days a week). Following my transits 'cured' me.

In the event of my death I have requested those close to me to run a program on the website that will email all members with the master unlock code which they can use to unlock their downloaded installation file whenever they wish in the future.