Free Software Features in the Lucky Days Demo version

The Lucky Days software can be downloaded and used for all types of gambling, speculation and major event planning. There is a free section in the program where you can run your progressed Moon as well as progressed planet reports. These reports indicate dates when you can expect your luck to improve. In addition, you can run a free 3-month lucky day report here to first test the report for yourself in real time and see how you can make use of planetary transits to improve your chances of winning.

This software can and does seriously increase your chances of success when gambling or speculating. It tells you when the best days are for you to gamble, invest, take an examination or vacation and many of the important things you do your life. If this claim is beyond your current scope of belief, you can validate its accuracy by simply looking back at dates in your life when good or important events occurred.

The software gives you a condensed view of your planetary transits for a chosen time period. This is standard, well-traversed information which millions of people already use on a daily basis. However, the author noticed that very often at times when lucky events occur, a specific "shape" in the transits was prevalent. This shape becomes visible when good transit aspects (using a one-degree orb) "spill over" a final bad transit aspect. It looks similar to a breaking wave or a bird's beak.

The "Beak" shape is rapidly gaining the confidence of thousands of investors, speculators and gamblers around the world. has several links from investment banks from Russia through the US to Mexico and has featured in some large radio talk shows in America and on the BBC in its first year of release.


Download the Lucky Day software here (3 MB)