Elizabeth Holmes (CEO, Theranos)

Elizabeth Holmes, born February 3, 1984. Founder and chief executive of Theranos, the health technology company that took off after her company claimed to have revolutionized blood testing by developing testing methods that used just a pinprick of blood. In 2015 she was worth $9 billion.

Her ruler Uranus is exactly conjunct her South Node at 12 Sag 44. Sepharial mentions about this degree, 'There is also another characteristic somewhat unusual here and that is a preoccupation with bodily health. They are fearful of illness which may deteriorate into hypochondriac proportions or may be contained as a natural and beneficial care for the things that contribute to good health.'

She was found guilty of fraud yesterday. Saturn conjunct her Sun this month.

Here's what he wrote about her Sun and Neptune degrees:

SUN: 14 of Aquarius: This is not considered a good degree. Natives here usually have some kind of curious and eccentric habit pattern. There may be a connection with the thyroid or pituitary glands. Often they are restless and difficult to settle down. The most consistent circumstance is some form of mishap during middle life when the work is interrupted or stopped altogether and some major crisis must be faced. He is subject to unforeseen dangers and possibly shortened life span.
The degree of Uranus and its strength or weakness may reveal more of what this degree may mean for the individual. Endowed with a poor memory but alive to the slightest impressions of pain, the native will, right in the middle of his earthly life, face sudden disaster, as injury to life and limb, financial breakdown or any other accident. Such a mishap will prevent the native from getting on in one of his activities, in which he is unlikely to pick himself up again. From then on, should the interrupted work have been his main one, the native's future will really be in God's hands.

NEP: 0 of Capricorn: Here is a good example of spirit in the seed, most applicable to Capricorn. He seems to have a concentration of spiritual truth within himself. He speaks and acts for the future; much misunderstood and perhaps not even portraying clearly the truth he perceives because of the distortion between himself and his environment. He holds to what he believes and attempts to give it out in the best way he can to be meaningful to those around him. Sometimes he enjoys a measure of success and sometimes not.
There is great endurance and patience granted by the urgency of his insights and the need to hold what he believes against all onslaughts from outside influences. He seems to have the necessary qualities to continue his efforts and survive to grow, perhaps even to succeed, to great heights if other circumstances and the rest of the chart permit such development. The native is a misfit in his times. He may discover some of the most jealously guarded secrets of nature and be a forerunner of times to come; and may as well bring again to the light things long forgotten and buried, thus reviving the past.
Whether the former or the latter, he has a mission to fulfill and possesses the force of character and the sharpness of mind life demands of him. A naturalist or a mining engineer, a pioneer, an archaeologist or whatever he is, he is born to discover, to innovate, and to be misunderstood and bitterly fought. He will have to suffer but will be able to overrule the intrusive advice of the zealous. Should the other aspects not rule out a measure of luck, he may well end by carrying the day.

and a bit about her

VEN: 11 of Capricorn: This degree grants the most characteristic qualities of Capricorn. Natives here have the most ability to stay ahead and yet in perfect line with where those around them are going. They seem also to lend direction and have the ability to hold a group together. They have a near perfect ability to keep secrets and hold what they believe and know to be true apart from what they display. However, there is an interaction here which makes use of their secret knowledge in a way that proves useful to their interaction with people. They have an uncanny way of getting people to conform without any obvious pressure. And they seem to get away with the most outlandish use of people, discarding them when they are no longer of use.

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