Grimes, according to Sepharial

Here's what an astrologer on a par with Alan Leo said about Grimes' natal degrees. 17 March 1988 : Uranus-Saturn*Mercury**Jupiter.

"There is a pronounced psychic influence considered strange. He may have had unseen playmates and continue to commune with spirit entities and also be subject to possession....

Nor is this enough, as especially weak natures are likely to be haunted by what so-called spiritualists call entities and could better be termed by the Christian word demons, their true name.

(S)He may even be endowed with magic powers...

(S)He speaks and acts for the future; much misunderstood and perhaps not even portraying clearly the truth he perceives because of the distortion between himself and his environment.

The native is a misfit in his times. He may discover some of the most jealously guarded secrets of nature and be a forerunner of times to come; and may as well bring again to the light things long forgotten and buried, thus reviving the past.

He may be an occultist, perhaps a seer; certainly a pursuer of studies too profound to be accessible to the middle class."

She's into astrology, which might make a brilliant combination with Musk's scientific mind.

Full report -

(You can run your own 360 degree report from the report page, select Natal Degree Report, but be aware, Sepharial is not gentle with his comments)

How to recognize demonic possession?

Update May 27, 2020

"I started to feel like I was channelling spirits. I was convinced my music was a gift from God. " - Grimes,

A possible theory...

A demon wanted to hook up with Elon Musk to be able to directly influence one of the most powerful men in the world during the next few decades. Or else it wanted a powerful child to possibly be able to influence, as most mothers are able to do.

I didn't really believe in demons until now, but if Sepharial says they exist, then I believe they do, simply because he was a far better astrologer than I will ever be.

Please note that this is just a theory. To me, she seems like a perfectly normal Pisces with Jupiter ** Mercury abscissing * Saturn=Uranus and Venus opposite Pluto.

"Otherworldly. By sounding a little like everything you've ever heard, the whole sounds like nothing you've ever heard."

p.s. Neptune is exactly square my natal Venus as I write this. Watching videos by Pisces musicians at the moment. That should say a lot. As does the fact that I was invited for the first time to attend a Zoom Christian broadcast on Sunday, which I watched and actually found pretty inspiring. The funny thing though, is that if I had extended the daily horoscope interpretations in the lucky days program to include transits from Neptune, I would have described this aspect as something like, "Beware of any new information you are exposed to are are given during this period, as it is probably not true". So there you go. Or rather, I stop.

Update June 7, 2020.

Delete Forever lyrics Grimes Lying so awake, things I can't escape Lately, I just turn 'em into demons..

Watch at 34:45 for a couple of minutes.

I think she's aware. She knows. She's enjoying tagging along with its immense power.

Note this is just my opinion.

*** Update June 25, 2020.

Grimes' soul for sale :

Starting next year, peaking in 2022, she has progressed Mercury conjunct Jupiter, trine Uranus, and progressed Sun trine Uranus. Massive fame, massive influence. This is going to be interesting!

Update May 4, 2021

Their child X was also born today, yes of course, Jupiter and Pluto in aspect, 2 degrees conjunct.

'If you study the birth charts of babies born into wealthy families, you will invariably see the wealth-promising aspects between the natal planets. After drawing up and analyzing thousands of birth charts, I am pretty sure of this bias.

If you can become convinced of this fact then the rest is easy. If it is true that birth charts are "set up" because certain necessary material conditions must be met (it is hard to be a "poor" baby in a wealthy family), then it follows that there is a knowing intelligence in this design. Conditions and effects are known before the birth occurs. It follows that any intelligence that manipulates such variables can only be super-intelligent. Supra-dimensional wisdom spanning time, everything meticulously planned.'

I wrote the above about 15 years ago. During this time I have studied many such cases and become absolutely convinced of this very real phenomenon. If somebody is born into a very wealthy family, wealth will invariably show strongly in the birth chart. Birth dates and times are generally set up to satisfy the material conditions into which they are born. There is strong evidence of a mechanism of careful planning taking place. I know this is something many believe in already, but to me it is actual proof of a higher power or intelligence involving itself in our lives. The babies of the rich and powerful invariably come through during times where wealth is promised in the birth chart. There are relatively few, not that many windows that hold the potential for great wealth, and they have to come through during these periods to be aligned with their earthly life conditions.

I think this strongly indicates and could even statistically prove the existence of God.

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