Harry Truman

"Critics of the decision to use the “special bomb” in 1945 are judging men born in the 19th century by the standards of the 21st".

Harry Truman, born May 8, 1884, had a one and a half degree square between his natal Sun and Mars. The general interpretation of this points to someone with latent or pronounced anger issues, a disposition toward violence and an inclination to strike with force when intimidated or threatened. Well, that is my general interpretation, it may be a bit harsh. I accept that it can naturally be softened by the rest of the chart or channeled by the wisdom and nobility of the person.

Here are Sepharial's interpretations of Truman's Sun and Mars degrees, written 50 years before the dropping of the bombs on the two Japanese cities. We all have our own views of what happened, but according to these general degree interpretations, he had traits of savagery and delight in revenge which might have affected his decision:

18 of Taurus: A somewhat violent degree. In most reports the degree has characterized a violent misuse of the energy. It is considered savage and warlike. A warlike quality, one authority suggests an unfolding process which must proceed in an orderly fashion patiently as a flower blooms. There certainly is a contrast here between the growing powers of life against the destructive but also temporary power of death. The native will easily fly off the handle and quickly work himself up to a climax of frenzied and bloodthirsty rage, even if his own peevish and quarrelsome temper has sown the seed of discord. According to his background and breeding, he can make a saber of a ruffian, and can reap the hatred of many, running the risk of wounds or death in duels or brawls.

17 of Leo: Here we find an indomitable will. The native has the strength and power to go his own way at all costs. He runs his show his way. He is unpolished, flaunting his strength and enjoying the process. He offends with his rough manner, and gives no apology. He may be generous where he chooses but always rough and uncouth. He delights in the display of his ability and power without the need for polish. He remembers and repays favors done him by others. However, he never forgets a wrong and delights in revenge. No one will cut him down. Along with this rough manner and vulgar display-of strength he is resourceful. He does not make idle threats. He will wait patiently for his opportunities. He supports himself well with detailed planning and mental agility. It is foolish to argue with him. He continues to pile up his successes until he has commanded the respect of everyone. Once the battle of life loses its excitement for him only then will he be defeated. Only after he has thoroughly proven himself in the manner he has set out will he be persuaded to add something softer to his nature. First, he must convince you that he does not need anything beyond what he has. Then, he will listen. This degree particularly needs some blending to recognize its true effect. It will not always show in extreme vulgarity and uncouthness. But the "I will do it myself" is most pronounced. An extremely outstanding personality. The native will cut out a place for himself in all he does, supported by a fierce, altogether indomitable nature, an inexhaustible energy, an exceptional resistance to exertion, a toughness, a sturdiness and a steadfastness ready to stand any test. On the reverse side of the coin appear petty formality, headstrongness, bad manners, a wild roughness and sometimes even ferocity. Mindful of benefits as well as of injuries, he simply cannot dispense with the glee of revenge. Strangely enough, though fond of display and notoriety, he is apt to turn a deaf ear to the often vicious taunts and snubs leveled at his surly character, as only what may harm him is an offense in his eyes, and such complaints against him as may end by enhancing his renown as an awe-inspiring being are far from displeasing to him.

No Choice: Why Harry Truman Dropped the Atomic Bomb on Japan https://www.yahoo.com/news/no-choice-why-harry-truman-060000970.html

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