Howard Hughes possibly gave the wrong Birth Date

Something that might make you smile. A copy of a liaison with astrotheme, who manage Astrodatabank, who now publish a different birth date to the one which Howard Hughes claimed.

Wikipedia: December 24, 1905
Astrodatabank: September 24, 1905

Yes, I imagine that it does mean that they are calling Howard Hughes a stranger to the truth.

Dear Astrotheme,

Just a comment on the birth date dispute regarding Howard Hughes.

The one he claimed, the glory date of Christmas eve, 1905, gives him Mercury in Sag.

The other more mundane date of September 24, 1905 gives him Mercury in Virgo, with Sun square Uranus and Venus on the Node.

He had multiple crashes during his life (Sun square Uranus), interest in fashion, multiple love affairs with public figures (Venus conjunct Node) but the real pointer is the Mercury in Virgo.

From Wikipedia:

In his book, Just Tell Me When to Cry, Fleischer explained that Hughes was fixated on trivial details.

Hughes insisted on using tissues to pick up objects to insulate himself from germs. He would also notice dust, stains, or other imperfections on people's clothes and demand that they take care of them.

Without a doubt, this is Mercury in Virgo - a far better shot than Mercury in Sag. Sag will hardly notice a dust fleck on your shirt or shoes, with Virgos it is one of their most prominent traits, and they are quite often obsessed with details regarding health and cleanliness.

Therefore, in my opinion, history and your site are likely to have recorded and acted on the incorrect birth date.

Just saying :)




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6:20 PM (4 hours ago)


We have taken the source of Astrodatabank (see the Astrotheme biography chapter), even if his date of birth is in question. His page has been updated thank you

Best regards,



Hi Astrotheme,

Wow, I am honored. Thank you. I think for a man who, with Sun square Uranus and whose sanity was called into question in his later years (even quirky during his lifetime, he is said to have watched Ice Station Zebra 150 times), it is possible that he chose to believe in the more romantic birth date. I also read how after spotting a minute imperfection in a person's attire, he would force them to go and correct it, which is also fitting with the Mars-Pluto opposition for the September 24 1905 birth date.

So, great work, I think you did the right thing.

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