Jim Jones - Jonestown Massacre 1978

Reverend Jim Jones: May 13, 1931.

Saturn-Pluto-Uranus T-square.

Saturn-Uranus conflict: the old and the new.

Body count after what would become known as the Jonestown massacre of 18 November 1978, the total came to 918, of whom 304 were children. They had been persuaded to drink Flavor Aid, used to mask the bitter taste of cyanide, mixed with a dash of Valium.

The bodies had decomposed badly in the jungle heat of Guyana, where a year earlier these people had come to carve out a new, better world: Jonestown.


Saturn: 23Cap11 Rx
Pluto : 19Can01
Uranus: 17Ari23

Progressions tightened to age 57.5 - Nov 1978
Saturn: 20Cap16
Pluto : 20Can17 .. almost exact opposion
Uranus: 19Ari15 .. had just moved through exact square to natal Pluto

Transits: November 18, 1978/b>
Religious Neptune at 17Sag13 trine public ruler Uranus.
Killer Pluto had travelled 1/4 of its way around the Sun to 18Lib04, forming a Grand Cross to the natal T-square.

Of course.

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