Jordan Peterson: Second Saturn Return

Jordan Peterson responding to Stephen Fry's comment that 'God is an utter maniac'.

'So then the question is what is the appropriate attitude, given that the argument that you make is an actually extraordinarily powerful argument, and I don't know the answer to that, but I do know, I think, that resentment and anger, and even the motive that would make you want to say that to God himself I think, that's probably not helpful.

I came to that with great difficulty, I've had my reasons to be angry, especially recently, because I am suffering from a lot of pain and it makes me resentful and angry and wanting to shake my fist, but I found on intense consideration that there was nothing in that that didn't make it worse and therefore that must be wrong, even though it's justifiable.'

He said this on May 18, 2021 :

In March 2021 Jordan had his second Saturn return, (activating his natal Saturn-South Node/Mars/Neptune T-square), and Neptune square his Sun, followed in April by Uranus activating the same T-square. Ouch. When you look at the severity of the hard aspects in his and his wife's birth charts you gain a lot of understanding regarding the wisdom of this couple, it is to a large extent wisdom gained from pain.

So, here we have two brilliant men completely oblivious about an extremely important aspect of the nature of the universe they live in, discussing their interpretations of the nature of the universe, while millions stare in awe, goggle-eyed at their astoundingly impressive levels of intellectual prowess.

Just reinforcing the value of the gift of astrology we have been given.

Commoners, less-educated laypersons, unemployed losers, stoners, hippies, housewives, just ordinary people, all with a better grasp of the playing field than many of the best minds on the planet.

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