Why do Gurus Lie?

Lahiri Mahasaya was born September 30, 1828, near Krishnagar, Bengal.

He was the guru of the famous yogi Paramahansa Yoganda. According Yogananda on page 227 of his autobiography, Lahiri met the great guru Babaji in his 33rd year near Ranikhet, and was initiated by him into Kriya Yoga.

Babaji has supposedly retained his physical form for centuries, some say millennia. He is an avatara, a God-man said to be deathless, the descent of Divinity into flesh. Other Indian avatars include Krishna, Rama, Buddha and Patanjali. Babaji said to live in the Himilayas, can speak every language and works in obscurity. The deathless guru bears no marks of age on his body, he appears to be a youth of around age 25.

His chief nineteenth-century was said to be Lahiri Mahasaya. It is said that Lahiri bore an exact physical resemblance to Babaji.

Right. You're getting the grip of this.

Lahiri had Neptune square the Node in his birthchart. I would like to state categorically that this aspect means you lie to the public, and being Neptune, about spiritual matters. During his life, his progressed Node tightened to the exact square.

If you progress Lahiri's birthchart 33 years to November 2, 1828, you will note that pretty much nothing showed by way of his progressions for that time. And if you look for major outer planet transits during 1852 (his 33rd year), you will find nothing of major importance.

A meeting with a soul so powerful that would introduce him to a form of yoga that would be practised by millions would surely show in a person's progressions, or at least major transits.

So what I am proposing is that Lahiri Mahasaya was a liar, and that he did not meet Babaji, and therefore it is likely that Babaji never existed or was the aberration of somebody's or a group's feverish spiritual imagination.

Tthe more you read about Paramahansa Yoganda's life, how he said he brought back to life a dead person, stories of levitation and teleportation, a myriad of supernatural, scientifically impossible events that he said happened to him and others, you begin to realize that he too was a flaming liar.

The whole lot of them, a bunch of liars. They may well have had their faith rooted in the soil of truth, but it seems highly likely that they made up a whole lot of stories to try and make their case sound more convincing.

Beware of these so-called gurus. If what they hold so dear to their lives needs to be embellished to be more convincing, then all that tells me is that they don't have much to hold on to in the first place.

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