Some Zodiacal Degrees are Lucky

Shane Missler, born in Maine on May 31, 1997 won $450 million on January 5, 2018.

Looking at his birth chart alone, one would hardly suspect that he would be the winner of the 4th largest jackpot in the 21-year history of the Mega Millions.

He pretty much has a two-degree trine between his Sun and Uranus (well, you could say he is famous now), Sun sextile Moon that's it. Natal Venus at 25 Gemini square the Node at 25 Virgo. His Sun-ruling Mercury was at 17 Taurus, he won the money when it had progressed to conjunct with Venus. A progression that a fair percentage of the world's population will get during their lives.

So where did all the power come from?

I haven't looked at his fixed stars but when you read Sepharials's 360-degree interpretations for his Sun and Saturn, you'll read between the lines that there are some spots in the sky that are just lucky degrees. You might also get the feeling that this is either something karmic or something that has been rigged by the universe. Either a reward, or to make provision for a mission to complete. A job to do.

SUN: 10 of Gemini: A tremendous sympathy for downtrodden humanity is implied by this degree. There is a strong desire to give relief and work for reform movements to correct injustice. However, unless other factors in the chart provide a measure of psychological insight he will be misled into thinking that congenial surroundings are the only requirement for a perfect society. This degree grants considerable insight into the technical elements of a Utopian society but it often fails to realize that there are other elements which contribute to the evils men inflict on each other. The mentality of this degree is not as sensitive to these complicating elements and the native therefore prefers not to deal with them even if he is aware that they exist. At least, if he is aware of these difficulties he may not be as disappointed if he manages to find a corner to try out his theories and finds that his plan is undercut by friction of a psychological nature. A great heart fired and inspired with the wish to help mankind, to whose service a great store of energy is placed with somewhat childish enthusiasm. Sympathy for the poor and the sick is apt to take concrete shape, and there is a sincere wish to succor and heal social misery. The reverse of the coin consists in the delusion of reaching such aims with merely material means. Should the horoscope not bear the imprint of a deeply religious spirit, the native, acting on purely human grounds, will stick to the faddish concept that vice and crime can be fought by spreading well-being and strengthening the police forces. In a word, a well-meaning, well-fed, well-bred, humdrum middle-class fellow, whose limited mental powers, will not prevent delving deep into medicine and political economics, to pursue his ambitious but charitable aims. Luck may smile on this good fellow and lavish him the means to carry out his beneficent plans.

SAT: 17 of Aries: This degree may bring a certain amount of luck in a not too heavy chart. Whether lucky or not, it brings a love of luxury and extravagance and what is gained is seen dissipated. There may be a lively imagination and if there are other indications which give writing ability this degree would add color and interest to what was written. Also, if there were influences to curb the extravagance this degree would certainly add spice to an otherwise heavy chart. In other types of charts this degree could produce over optimism, bitterness, and greed. The individual may have a certain amount of awareness from the rest of the chart to make him feel a sense of duty which may only result in conflict between a sense of rights and obligations. Saturn on this degree might produce a very responsible and yet interesting person. More gaudy than elegant, precious rather than refined, sooner worldly than lordly, very fond of luxury and display; the native may outwardly appear a gorgeous personage, imposing in spite of his inward misery. Inwardly he is torn by the ever-recurring clash between his craving for pleasure and his sense of duty, without being able to give up to either of them. This degree by itself gives no love for work; however, if this should be borne out by other aspects in his horoscope, the native would become what I define as a laborious adventurer who might strike oil during his industrious adventures, be they journeys or financial gambles; he may even become famous. Gain, however, comes to him easier than thrift. He can smell luck, but cannot spend with a pinch of salt what he laid hands on.

To add to the Sepharial degrees regarding Shane Missler's $450 million dollar win: Fixed stars. Yes, they are relevant in his case.

Shane's natal Sun is at 10 and a half Gemini conjunct Aldebaran at 9 Gemini 47: Eminently fortunate, portending riches and honor; and was one of the four Royal Stars, or Guardians of the Sky, of Persia, 5000 years ago, when it marked the vernal equinox.

It gives honor, intelligence, eloquence, steadfastness, integrity, popularity, courage, ferocity, a tendency to sedition, a responsible position, public honors and gain of power and wealth through others, but its benefits seldom prove lasting.

Mars at about 22 Virgo 53 conjunct Agena at 23 Virgo 48: Agena is a benefic star of happiness, high position, honors, success and health.

Jupiter at 21 Aquarius 48 conjunct Nashira at 21 Aquarius 17 : Nashira imparts the nature of Jupiter and Saturn.

So, at least 3 fixed star contacts promising success. (Fixed stars as at 2000: )

There you have it. Birth chart reasonably fortunate by planetary positioning and aspect. Empowered by fixed stars.

Katherine Griffin, my non-believer friend from Improbable: Just think, if Pluto's gravity/electromagnetism effect is so little, how much smaller those are of fixed stars.

My answer: The planets and stars demonstrate a relationship with the positions of planets and angles in your birth chart. Not you. Your birth chart is simply a map of the positions of these bodies when you were born. It is an abstract entity. So don't bother looking for scientific reasons as to why they affect us.

There is more to winning lotteries than planetary geometry and progressions, it seems.

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