What is the Mechanism of Astrology?

Forgive me if I have raised some issues that are debatable and are flawed or have no satisfactory answers. We should not be too hard on ourselves, we are discussing fine issues that the scientific world cannot even grasp yet. I just want to add a bit about what we are in relation to our birth chart and where the birth chart is stored: we tend to think of the two synonymously, we feel that the planets are acting on "us". This is an addendum to the article Where is the Birth Chart stored?

How can these astrological electromagnetic 'rays' possibly affect us, how are they not be affected by larger electromagnetic fields? How do they pass right through the Earth as though it is not even there? The answer is probably because that is not what is happening.

We have to bear in mind that our astrological charts are not stored within our bodies. They are simply a record of the positions of the planets at the moment of our birth. It is that record, imprint on the cosmos, that is affected by the planets as they move. Likewise, our progressed chart is also a record of the positions of the planets so many days after our birth. It is not something that physically exists in the material world we live in. Hence it would be a worthless excercise to try and build something like a large Faraday cage to protect us from harmful rays, should we so desire. It seems these influences are operating on a dimensional level that is higher than our own. Somehow the activities of our dimension are recorded at a higher level where they exist in a form that is real enough for subsequent activities to act on them, transits, progressions, solar arcs, etc. The 'rays' are merely mathematical angles depicting the condition of the cosmos at any moment, just like the hands of a watch depict the time.

Imagine a primitive on a dark continent finding a watch lying in the bush a couple of hundred years ago. Imagine that every noon a colonial settlement across a strait fired off a canon. Imagine how the primitive might think that it was actually the watch that was causing this loud noise to occur. Every day, when the short hand moved right to the very top, it caused a loud bang to occur. We see how it is easy to fall into the astrological trap of causality. The watch does not send out a 'ray' to cause something to happen at a distance. The watch and the canon have no connection whatsoever.

We have no connection whatsoever to our birth charts, other than that they reflect the conditions of the universe surrounding our birth date and time, and hence when our canon will go off, so to speak, and other circumstances regarding our clockwork lot in life. The universe is happening a certain way, all we have discovered are some methods to observe it as it happens.

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