The Rise of Uranus

Even astronomers acknowledge Uranus to be our 'weirdest' planet, as mentioned in this article this month regarding its increased luminescence :

Scientists have long suspected that some manner of violent impact knocked Uranus off kilter. The accepted wisdom has been that a single object several times more massive than Earth did the damage, slamming into Uranus long ago. Could this have altered its natural influence? Could its 98-degree tilt be an indication that the mechanism of astrology is electromagnetic?

There's no doubt we are now becoming fully entrenched in the Age of Aquarius, ruled by Uranus, that began around the middle of last century, perhaps a little earlier with the rise of suffragettes and women's voting rights .

Racism, sexism, ageism, religionism, all broken or breaking down, monarchies losing status, people losing faith in governments and centralized control structures. Alternatives are rivaling mainstream everywhere, anarchists are gaining in strength, the bizarre and strange now hold center stage.

Back is the new front, Uranus is getting exposed to such an extent that it makes us question our own standards of normality and prudishness. One cannot help but notice the changes in standards in the past few decades, swimwear considered normal these days would have been considered by our grandparents as obscene (

No holes barred, even unblemished beauties like Gwyneth Paltrow have bowed down to our new leader, the Planet of Weird. A few years ago when her progressed Uranus began to trine her natal Venus she started to publicize her sex life, and she's gone ballistic since last year when her progressed Venus conjoined her natal Uranus.

The planet of technology also gave rise to the internet, which has added fuel to the revolution. A question is, were humans always this liberated, as exemplified by the Greek and Roman empires during the age of Aries, yet repressed during the now fast vanishing Piscean age of disguising Neptune?

On a lighter note, I see that Aquarian Jennifer Aniston has hooked up with John Mayer again. To add to your third-eye astrological wisdom, have a look at their compatibility :

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