Using Astrology for Sports Betting

I have had a high success rate (over 90% - 3/3 world cups and 8/9 rugby test matches) with sports betting. This method can be applied to all types of sports, from the NFL, baseball, football and basketball to soccer and rugby.

Follow the Players

For non-Astrologers, please see the section at the end of this page for details on a simpler way to do this.

1. Find out the birth-date of each captain and several key-players (if possible) in each team. (Try typing the person's name in quotes and +"born on" or +"date of birth" in Google.)

2. Calculate and print a noon birth-chart for each person.

3. Progress each planet using the a day-for-a-year method. An example: if a person was born 1 Sep 80 and is now 21 years old, calculate a noon chart for the 22 Sep 80 and demarkate these new positions of the planets around the outside of the natal chart. In this case, the progressed Sun would be about 21 degrees past its natal position, the distances of the other progressed planets would vary. Fill in the total distance the moon traveled on each day, just to give you an idea, more or less, of where it was that day.

(Advanced Astrologers should also look at major Solar-Arc progressions to help plan for the player's big win dates.)

4. Check out the transits of each player, to both the natal and progressed planets, for the date of the match. Give extra emphasis to close outer planet aspects. You will find that, for important matches, these are often being aspected anyway.

It varies from easy to difficult to discern which captain and players have the better transits and progressions. Do not doubt it, these are the influences that are affecting them on that day.

5. Next, strongly take into account what planets the (transiting) moon is aspecting at the exact time that the game is set to end. You will easily see elation when it is nicely aspected to a planet (especially Venus or Jupiter), or gloom when it badly aspects a planet or two.

6. Finally, look at these same things in your own transits. Also, see if you are, in fact, happy at the end of the game! For example, if the moon hits your Saturn at this time, then you will probably feel fairly deflated, as a result, you shouldn't have even bet, or you might have made a misinterpretation of an aspect.

A simpler, quicker way using straightforward transits.

It is rather tedious doing it the way indicated above. Sometimes you have to interpret transits and progressions in 10 to 20 charts just to find the likely winner of an event. After all the work, you can often end up with the favorite and odds of 4-10. The best payout I received using this method was 3500-1000 on Australia winning the world cup in 1999 (against the All-Blacks at 8-10). Normally, I've had to settle with money between 7-10 and 16-10, which you can get on a quick bet on a favorite horse on one of your good days anyway.

Some users of the Lucky Days software drew my attention to the following method, which they report has given them some good results.

All you have to do is find out the birth-dates of some of the main contestants, put these into the Lucky Days program, and check who has the best aspects (or possibly a lucky day) on the date of the contest. You will need the birth-dates of both players if there are only two contestants.