Astrology Predictions for 2007-2008 based on planetary aspects

Regarding the world stock markets, I only have one thing to say. I believe they are beginning to move into the final stages of the peak of the upcycle. By 2008/2009 when the Moon's North Node moves into Aquarius, which has been shown to indicate periods of supercycle troughs (Louise McWhirter's theory) I expect the Dow to be trading at around 5-6000. It probably won't be a straight-line graph between now and that point. There is a high likelihood based on this theory that there will be a huge crash sometime in the next few years. Because many world stock indexes are at around their highest points ever, this will probably be the biggest crash yet. My advice is short - start wrapping up, choose the best exit points you can and put your money in something like gilts or bonds where it will be relatively secure it for at least four to five years. A gold bar and some cash in your mattress (the Euro looks better off) might also help you to sleep better during this uncertain period.

Currently (end 2006) it appears that approximately 80-95% of market analysts around the world are giving "hold" and "buy" recommendations, making the above paragraph seem rather absurd. However, in early 2008 the Moon's Node moves firmly into Aquarius, so historically, the graphs are against them. In September 2009, Saturn and Uranus will be opposing each other, with Neptune inconjunct Saturn. Saturn rules the elderly, and Uranus rules the very elderly. In the best case, in my opinion, the pension funds (and therefore the stock markets, since the two hold hands) will be suffering considerably around this time.

However, Saturn rules structure and Uranus loves to break up structures. I see a very real threat of either antagonistic forces disrupting society at large at this time and possibly even things like the dreaded avian pandemic (Uranus) adding to the problems. Either way, there is a high possibility of the world stock markets free falling in September, 2009. Please note that I am not trained in these areas and that I could be totally wrong, but when two planets this important are fighting, the world is unlikely to be in a peaceful situation.

Alan Meece (Horoscope for the New Millennium - 1996) has been generally very accurate in his predictions so far. He is predicting reform movements and revolutions beginning at the end of 2008, as well as massive waves of refugees streaming in from third to first world countries around 2009-2010, along with large numbers of the poor moving into cities around the world.

Respected astrologers like him feel strongly that Pluto entering Capricorn will probably cause many corporations to go bankrupt. (Saturn's rules the sign of Capricorn, and influences all the serious things like governments through to property. Pluto entering Capricorn at the end of January, 2008 will bring its renown pressure to these aspects of society). Some of his fears stem from the powerful T-Square in 2010 involving Jupiter, Pluto, Uranus and Saturn that could give rise to anything from civil unrest, radicals, fanatics, crusaders and shortages to famines and ecological disasters. Please forgive me for relating such a gloomy outlook just as things are starting to look so good for the world economies. Like yourself, I would be very pleased if he were wrong in this instance, but the aspects around that period seem to fully support what he is saying.

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