Successfully tested on TV

In 2002 a production secretary from BBC TV, Ruth Samways, telephoned me and asked me if they could test my software on the BBC TV2 show, "Dave Gorman's Important Astrology Experiment", in which he would follow the advice of astrologers, mainly from London, for 40 days to see if their information would be of any use or benefit to him. A panel of 3 and 'jury' of 144 people would compare and rate the results with his twin brother, who would not follow their advice.

I agreed and was later pleasantly surprised when a friend of mine from London emailed me and told me that Dave had had success using it and had won money on his two lucky days, day 6 and day 40. The show was broadcast in Sept/Oct 2002.

I had about 25000 visitors on the days following episodes 1 and 6. I emailed Dave and thanked him for the good exposure he had given my software. He told me that, for the second lucky day, because he was born on the same day as Ian Woosnam, the golfer, March 2nd, he had put money on him to win a golf tournament, which he did.

Update: February 2017

I didn't see the show at the time, but recently came across this Youtube video which somebody posted of the final episode (6). Dave made a total profit of 3825 Pounds (then about $5700) by betting on the two days recommended by the lucky days software.

(Watch at 15:15 and the last quarter for the final result)

Thanks again, Dave.


Update: March 2020

Found part 1.

(Watch at 23:50)


Note how his method of selecting his bets worked for him on his own lucky days (read more about this here)

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