Astrology of Led Zeppelin: Jimmy Page and Robert Plant

Some of the best songs have been created at times when musicians have had harmonious aspects between Venus and the outer planets, Neptune in particular, but here's an example of a song that was born under intense and heavy aspects, Stairway to Heaven, by Led Zeppelin.

Jimmy Page, guitarist, born Jauary 9, 1944. A stunning birth chart, with Venus trine Pluto conjunct the Node half a degree, Mars conjunct Uranus trine Neptune one degree.

In December 1970, when Stairway to Heaven was created, he had a difficult aspect, solar arc Saturn opposite his Sun.

Robert Plant, singer, born 20 August, 1948. Sun conjunct Saturn one degree, Mars in Libra sextile Jupiter two degrees, Venus in Cancer square Neptune one degree.

In 1970 he had progressed Mercury conjunct Neptune and solar arc Pluto conjunct Mercury.

Solar Arcs that year Uranus square Mars Jupiter square Neptune

Transits that December Uranus square Venus Pluto square Uranus Saturn square Pluto

A heavy time for both, by any standards.

This is an example of how, if the birth chart potential is there, great works can be produced under difficult times, perhaps even necessary, to melt gold in a crucible, to crush coal into a diamond.

Jimmy Page said, 'This was during the period that we were at Headly Grange that the thing was put together' (December 1970-January 1971) 'It was slightly complicated to be doing this whole thing without a vocal, because at the time there weren't any lyrics, this was the backbone of what the song was intended to be, that the whole of the running order from the beginning to the end was sort of mapped out, it was tricky, it was a tricky thing to do because there was a lot of music and changes in it. I remember during that period, Robert was sort of sitting down, leaning against the wall and he was just sort of writing, I'll never forget that image of him doing that. We do a run through it from beginning to end, with the guitar opening as we all know, and then Robert comes up and starts to pitch in and sing, and I tell you, 90% of the lyrics were already done.'

Picture it, a couple of young guys, age 22 and 25, jamming with a 22 year old drummer, as yet unaware of the future of what they are creating.

Take 2.

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