Other Uses of the Lucky Day Software

All astrologers would agree that it is beneficial to know what planetary transits are affecting their lives on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. They know of the many ways knowledge of this can improve both their efficiency levels as well as an understanding of the conditions influencing the things they do and that happen to them.

Transits are predominantly the 'forces' that give us good and bad days, whether we believe or like it or not. There is no need to "live by the stars", but just knowing the background circumstances can help so much when making decisions.

When should we buy a house? When should we sell the house? When should we approach a manager? When will we have a pleasant time for a vacation? Important questions that can be answered very effectively.

A very basic knowledge of the effects of the planets on your various activities can easily double your efficiency in all areas of your life. This might sound an overclaim, but by knowing when the green and red lights are showing, you can time things to get the most done when times are favorable, or doing background work, admin and research when external conditions are not favorable. Don't miss good opportunities and avoid banging your head so often.

Briefly, if you just follow your transits using the information on the table below, you can be competently utilizing your transits to work for you rather than just blundering through life on a seemingly random basis. There is a time for everything, when to give it your all and when to cool off. It is worthwhile knowing even roughly when those times are.


The report will point out days when the planets that are forming favorable aspects for you.

Areas that they will benefit you - look for good aspects to or from the planets concerned:-

  Planet  Influences
  Mercury  The business or work you do, all types of communications, meetings with people and travel.
  Venus  Areas of your life that bring love, money and pleasure. Interactions with women. Giving or receiving beauty and friendship.
  Mars  Your physical energy level, things requiring work and effort. Dealings with men.
  Jupiter  Planning bigger things, developments, expansive operations. Courts, legal & educational issues. Things involving big money.
  Saturn  Dealing with governments, authorities, the IRS, police, property buying and selling.
  Uranus  Planning exciting developments, innovation, unexpected news or events. Things involving computers, technology or astrology.
  Neptune  Organizing religious or spiritual issues or events, can be used to enhance artistic ability, for aesthetics, compassion and charity.
  Pluto  Bringing about big changes in some area. Power that you can use to back your ventures.


Run the free 3-month report here and see how much knowledge of your transits can help when making decisions and plans for your future. You don't have to 'live by the stars', just know when they are on your side!