Professional Gambling and Luck

Professional gamblers who do not follow their astrological transits are placing themselves at a great disadvantage. Not only do they miss out on many winning periods when they have favorable planetary transits, they often pick unfavorable times to play when they don't stand a chance of winning even the smallest amount.

Anyone who has been gambling for many years will confirm that they have had days when they couldn't do a thing wrong, and other days when, no matter how hard they tried, everything seemed to go against them.

The good thing is that most of them can remember the exact dates of their very good days. To test the validity of the effect of the planetary transits that were acting on them on those days they simply have to look back at those dates and note the plethora of benificent aspects that were operating on them at the time.

After studying gambling intensely for three decades, I can say without a doubt that any serious gambler who does not follow his or her astrological transits is like a blind man in a dark room looking for a black cat that is seldom there.

Good winning days will almost always be indicated by your planetary transits and progressions (other good periods mostly occur when bigger life-aspects, called progressions and solar arcs, also predictable, are near or exactly on their peak date). A good way to start is to get in tune with your daily planetary transits. This is much easier than it sounds, you don't even have to know the first thing about astrology to do so. The Lucky Days software that can be downloaded here shows you days when you are favorably aspected and stand the best chance of improving your win rate.

If you don't believe these claims then simply use the software to look back at dates of good wins in your past and see how they were invariably supported by good transit activity. If it worked in your past, rest assured that it will work in your future.